Milinkevich required to correct the Electoral Code

The leader of the movement "For Freedom" Alexander Milinkevich called the House of Representatives to adopt the amendment to the Electoral Code, which guarantees the candidates' representatives participated in the vote count.

A letter addressed to the chairman of Milinkevich House of Representatives Vladimir Andreychenko, the press service of the Movement.

Milinkevich recalls in his address that the country is still a postymperskaya threat of loss of independence. In order to protect the sovereignty and develop the economy, the country needs to reform the system of political, economic and social spheres. The main partner in the transformation, according to the leader of the movement "For Freedom", able and willing to become The European Union.

Milinkevich calls summon the will to clear and far-reaching changes. It offers the House of Representatives on September 7th extraordinary session to adopt the amendment to the Electoral Code, which will ensure that every independent Presidential candidate the presence of its representatives in the Election Commissions All levels.

"This is done in all civilized countries, even in neighboring Ukraine and Russia. This may be the first step in the democratization of political life. Honest and joint vote count — the premise of recognizing the elections abroad and confidence in their results Belarusians themselves," — says Alexander Milinkevich.

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