The American company Aydin Displays, Inc., One of the favorites in the production of secure technology, constantly improving its products. Over the past year has been updated to meet the requirements of time-Series line of Rugged Ground Mobile. This allowed the company to enter into a multimillion-dollar contract with the military. Within the next 6 months protected monitors Rugged Ground Mobile will be delivered for control systems tactical missiles Tomahawk (TTWCS).

The original contract amount of this scale is 1.8 million U.S. dollars. With all of this means that the supply will last three years and the total amount of them will be more than $ 5 million control systems for tactical missiles TTWCS Tomahawk («Tomahawk») provide enhanced ability to control fire, including the previously planned launches job configuration during the approach and the expectation in the target area.

Series devices Rugged Ground Mobile, made of lightweight but with all this strong and durable material, intended, first, to military deployment. LCD monitors Aydin quite versatile, and can be used to work in extreme conditions.

«Series Monitors Rugged Ground Mobile with diagonals of 8.4″ up to 15.0 » have protection against dust and water IP67 on all body work at temperatures from -40 to +70 ° C and are resistant to shock and vibration. They are easy to install, own over-brightness, equipped night vision mode and LED «- says Nikita Yakubov, special company» Spring «, the official distributor of Aydin on territory of Russia.

Note that monitors Aydin needed in other areas of the defense industry. For example, the model RGM84 installed on cars Hummer H1, which are delivered to the U.S. Army. Series devices Rugged Ground Mobile is perfectly suited not only for land transport, but also air, surface and underwater.

More information about the company’s products Aydin you can get the professionals of Industrial Automation Company «Spring», also available on our web site — http://www.rodnik.ru/product/spa/periferia/monitor/aydin/

About SPE «Spring»

«SPE» Spring »(www.rodnik.ru) — system integrator since 1991. Delivers a complete software and hardware solutions in 3 main areas: computer-aided design of electrical devices, industrial automation, information technology and special projects based on data transmission technology via radio. The company has been certified property management system in compliance with the standards GOST R ISO 9001-2011 and GOST RV 0015-002-2012.

About Aydin Displays Inc.

The American company Aydin Displays, Inc. (Www.aydindisplays.com) since 1967 has been practiced in the field of production and supply of displays for complex operation criterion for industrial, military and special applications (applications in air traffic management and control of air conditions). The company’s products are designed and produced specifically for implementation in the military, industry, transport, etc., which require reliable performance in the operation of heavy criteria. Extensive experience in the field of engineering to create specific embodiments, many more to meet certain applications. The company has ISO 9001:2000 and KEMA.

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