Missing disappear in parallel worlds?

November 5, 2012 23:14

Missing disappear in parallel worlds?

Coglasno closed statistics, every year in Russia lost tens of thousands of people.

Some of them are. Some, alas, dead. Others — in hospitals. Third — from friends, friends or a bum on the streets of big cities. However, a significant part of the "poteryashek" get the definition of "missing." Specialists are more inclined to the conclusion that the world around us multi-layered like a cake, and "poteryashki" happen to be in parallel worlds. And can not get out.

The bride and groom are off the wedding

This shockingly mysterious story happened 30 years ago in the southern city. The restaurant was walking wedding. At one point, the couple retired to the laughing one of outbuildings. Guests knowing smile, the fun continues. Then the newlyweds and all lost. They decided that they had gone home — had a bad day.

However, the next morning, the relatives raised the alarm. Neither the bride nor the groom never showed up. Contacting the police, as well as independent search, to no avail. If vanished!

In the town there were two versions: the loving couple was kidnapped into slavery. Or … they accidentally fell into a parallel world.

The restaurant owner recalled that in the back, where the lovers retired a few years ago just as mysteriously disappeared elderly cook. Father of three, responsible person could not go on a bender or corny, for example, secretly go to another city.

After a few years the restaurant was demolished and in its place rose-rise building. No trace "poteryashek" certainly was not found.

Several years ago, a British paranormal investigator Dan Forsayd studied mysterious house in a small town. In this house, one by one disappeared a few teenagers. Was the version that showed up serial maniac. However, no traces of the crime was found. According to Ms. Forsayd, the house was inside the "black void beyond which begins another world, quite nice."

Information that in the space of living and developing a number of alternative worlds, is in the ancient Vedic books. This was assured by prominent philosophers — Democritus, Epicurus. According to some researchers, the Christian definition of "heaven" and "hell" in fact — other worlds. Only in the first reign of harmony and peace, and in the second — the chaos and fear.

Modern physics, namely quantum mechanics allows for the existence of parallel worlds. According to the systems analyst Vladimir Bulletin, our universe resembles a giant computer program, and a great variety of alternative worlds. And if there are the people of our world, it is not on someone's ill will, and quite by accident — the door is "there" suddenly opened, for example, as a result of magnetic storms.

Sergei Bodrov also accidentally hit "there"?

Sergei Bodrov

Sergei Bodrov

The famous Russian scientist Ernst Muldashev who made dozens of expeditions to India, Egypt, Tibet, is sure: many mysterious places on the planet are related to other worlds. In particular, the famous Egyptian pyramids — tunnel "there". And in the pyramid of knowledge about the world order is encrypted. Square base — information that our neighboring world (or worlds) is four-dimensional.

It is believed that poltergeists, Barabashka, snowmen and other allegedly mysterious character is not really a mystic. This is the "residents" of a parallel world. For example, no one is surprised the sound of drills on Sunday morning — the housemates began repairs.

Why are we surprised by strange sounds from the closet with clothes, inside of which there is no one exactly? Maybe in an alternate world that is not the case, and the central area of the city, and now there is a holiday?

Cryptozoologist (researched living beings, which "officially" on the ground does not exist, such as Bigfoot) and a journalist from the Novgorod region, Oleg Ivanov — a man respectable, sane and serious — once said:

— Yeti I saw more than once in the forest. But as soon as he realized he was being followed, tree care and … I run around the woods and could not find it. He probably went to his in a parallel world. It is for this reason that it can not find and photograph. My opinion is there, where the snow people come — the Stone Age. Individual representatives of "that" found a way to penetrate the world to us. And when they have, for example, there are shortages of food (for example, failed hunting), come to us. Catch wild animals. And in some regions of Russia (such as Siberia) documented cases of "hairy men" came to the village, and drags stealing cows and pigs.

Apparently, the secret military archives gathering dust unique history, which old-timers still remember the Siberian. In one village, a man showed up in strange clothes. He spoke in Russian, but looked confused and could not understand where he was. When it was in the document that says "Eastern occupation zone." According to a strange man, the Soviet Union lost the Great Patriotic War, and now Siberia — the Chinese territory. It is easy to guess where it was sent, announcing crazy. Photos of the man was shown on local television in the hope that he declared native. But no one was looking. Perhaps looking for a different world, where reality is not like that, as we have.

But in the villages near Karmadon Gorge where film group was missing actor and director Sergei Bodrov, still believe: the boys are alive and just accidentally fell into a different world. No accident that professional rescuers shrug: very strange disappearance of the body more than a hundred people in the air as if evaporated.

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