Mogilev: the utility of human rights defenders

This decision was made Mogilev Regional Economic Court, where a claim addressed the utility. Such money from human rights activists there, and they will be forced to leave the premises.

According to a member of the Mogilev human rights center Boris Buhelya, underpayment of the utility calculated from April 24 2008. Since that day, a non-governmental organization denied preferential rate of payment of rent, but this did not inform the utility of human rights defenders. Within two years, according to Buhel, his organization was paying for those accounts that exposed the utility.

Mogilev Rights Center has repeatedly appealed to the authorities to have left him a benefit of paying rent homestead as a non-profit humanitarian organization.

Boris Buhel.

"In court, however, found that the legislation does not exist criteria for humanitarian component of non-profit organizations. Th public utilities executive council of the property itself is determined on the basis of their understanding. We argued that provide legal assistance to citizens free of charge, but no one did not want to hear. Court stated that any non-governmental organization, which honestly was paying rent to the reduction factor can be backdated to recognize undisciplined Platnik and recover the huge debt. reasoning is simple — there is a presidential decree, which is higher than the rental contract. Such an approach leads to fact that power destroy the social organizations that are deemed dangerous to themselves, "says Boris Buhel.

According to human rights, the court addressed the utility of requesting council estate executive committee.

To pay 14 million debt and court costs defenders are not going to, because there is nothing. From his homestead now they have to give. Further their actions advocacy organization now thinks.

Mogilev Rights Center was founded in 1998. From 2006 organization is a commission under Justice Department Executive Committee to monitor places of detention in the region. The Commission is headed by a member of the Human Rights Centre. The NGO is actively involved in election campaigns.

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