Money for blood, or who and how to make a disaster

Billionaire Warren Buffett has shared with the world best financial strategy. If you hurry up, according to the investor, now you can earn … to disaster in Japan

The fact that the earthquake and subsequent explosions at the Japanese nuclear power plant will bring a — multibillion-dollar losses, while others — such as, if not more, profit, it was clear from the start. But publicly, "bluntly", the first of it dared to speak the American billionaire Warren Buffett. According to Buffett, the catastrophe is a good opportunity to buy shares of Japanese companies, and if the time to do it today, in the future investment return repeatedly.

— If I owned shares of Japanese companies, I would not sell them now — said Buffett in an interview with "Reuters".

In this cynical, but, anyway, good recommendation agree with most financial analysts.

— The earthquake in Japan and all the subsequent disasters can spur growth of the Japanese economy, with a sharp jump in activity occurs in all sectors due to the recovery of destroyed industrial facilities and infrastructure — saidexpert independent analytical agency "Investkafe" Alex Pukhaev. — This will help Japan's economy to overcome the recession, sluggish lasting more than ten years. Japan had to shock, and, strange as it may sound, it is bigger than the more chances for change are not very successful course in economics and politics. Total deformation of the economy due to disasters can give a powerful impetus to the transition to a new stage of development.

But there is one prerequisite — continues analyst — is the prevention of radioactive contamination of territories Tokyo conglomeration, or recovery will take a very long time, if not make it impossible.

Meanwhile, restoration work at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" (an incident in which both can cause infection) are still going slowly, their presence complicates the high background radiation in the area of the accident, as well as powerful aftershocks, which continued right up to the night .

— The key for investors is to create a concrete sarcophagus around the nuclear reactors of the nuclear power plant "Fukosima-1", — said Pooh. According to the analyst, "This event will mark the sharp rise in Japanese assets," so the stock players breathlessly watching every step of the Japanese liquidators.

Meanwhile, the Asian markets have — albeit slowly — creeping up. Japanese markets in recent days also show modest growth, but very little progress will soon be replaced by irregular, analysts predict.

— At this time the Japanese authorities to hold the financial and foreign exchange markets with large-scale investments, and while quite successful, but the catch is there enough of them to the point when it will be completely eliminated the threat of radioactive contamination — said Pooh. — As for Buffett, as he always looks beyond the "horizon." It is difficult not to agree with his opinion, the more the Japanese market regains its fall, of course, not without the help of major financial investments. But Buffett understands, what is the benefit of the economy, "Japanese" type, and therefore recommends not to sell assets correctly noting that "unexpected catastrophic events often provide an excellent opportunity to acquire the shares."

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