Moon — base aliens?

"Russian Peasant", 31.03.2003, Moscow, n13, p.13

Author: Seraphim Shishkin

Satellite Earth since time immemorial is attractive mystery to people. Today, many researchers are rightly believe that the moon is an intermediate base for aliens arriving on Earth.

For example, an employee of Radio Astronomy Institute in Kharkov Arkhipov, who has analyzed thousands of images of the lunar surface, has revealed more than 130 structures that resemble a man-made objects. He, by the way, and no doubt in the fact that our satellite attracts alien ships to their extreme proximity to our planet, as well as the ability to use the lunar surface as a reliable base before flying back to Earth.
The famous American astronomer Maurice Jessup sure that the moon is the only possible basis for arriving to us from space vehicles. It should be noted that the work of this scientist are available at most university libraries in the United States, but its study of UFOs are stored under "top secret."
On the mystery of the moon people fought for millennia.
The ancient Greeks believed that our cosmic neighbor is none other than the living room for some of the gods and their descendants.
In the Middle Ages, regarding Moon also put forward the most improbable hypothesis.
During the study of modern history of our satellite, astronomers were engaged.
Already in March 1587 the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe observed in the appearance of his observatory on the lunar surface a huge star …
In 1600, the great German astronomer Johannes Kepler, the man who discovered the laws of planetary motion, it is very exciting to even describe the future "trip to the moon." In this essay spoke of his shock when accelerating flight, the feeling of weightlessness and special suits that make space travelers will be able to weather the difficulties with breathing.
Fifty years later (in 1644), a clergyman — English bishop John Vilkans in the book "The Discovery of the New World" based on years of careful study of ancient manuscripts have come to the conclusion that our companion in populated. He had no doubt that future generations will be able to see it for yourself.
In 1715, English astronomer and geophysicist Halley during a solar eclipse clearly observed many pockets of the glow on the moon.
In 1787, an English astronomer William Herschel discovered on our satellite three fixed light source, and four of the volcano, where they are so far no one has seen.
September 7, 1820 in Europe at the same time, many astronomers have observed movement on the surface of the moon glowing objects as if in a "war system."
Four years later (20 October 1824) is a Dutch selenographer for a long time saw a pulsating light on the unlit half of our satellite. But another month and a half before astronomer Prof. Swift from the U.S. for 20 minutes at the University Observatory beheld luminous objects that crossed the moon in different directions. Same thing at the same time noticed the French scientists from the Paris Observatory.
But the May 8, 1881 English astronomer William told the scientific world almost a thousand lights and luminous major points in the lunar Sea of Crises. Just four months later an American astrophysicist Dr. E. Dey clearly saw a large glowing object that has flown the moon.
At the end of XIX century French scientist D. Provides 15 November 1899 managed to trace the flight around our satellite is very big "star", which emits a white, red and blue rays.
January 27, 1912 on the basis of scientific observations of the British newspaper "Popular Astronomy," published a report about the discovery on the moon black object a length of about 400 and a width of at least 100 km. A few years later, he disappeared.
In 1920, the Scottish astronomer Duncan Lunan identified in lunar orbit, the satellite and fixed the echo of his radio, had, of course, is clearly an extraterrestrial origin. But another scientist — Norwegian professor Carl Stormer, further exploring this discovery, established in 1928, these radio waves (very different frequencies) came from the transmitter is located at a distance of 800,000 miles from Earth, but revolves around the moon. These striking signals specialists have heard of the designated area prior to 1940. So what was it? The answer to this question is no!
Recently, the Ukrainian Institute of anomalies over a short period of its existence managed to collect data on hundreds of large white objects on the lunar surface, which moved at a speed of 2 to 7 km / sec. They do fit, mainly in the area of the Sea of Crises. This is not the imagination and speculation, and the facts that no traditional scientific explanation is not. So, here is something very different about what scientists do and do not have representation.
Turning now to 1955, when the Soviet astronomer E. Eremenko through a powerful telescope to observe and capture on film an extremely bright object moving to the moon and made a landing on its surface.
February 26, 1966 the newspaper "Los Angeles Times" published the photographs taken by American station "Orbiter-2" with a height of 50 kilometers. They can clearly see the pyramids and other structures that exceed the highest buildings in the world. Viewed even some obelisks.
At present, it is safe to say that our satellite is quite definitely traces of a civilization. At least remember that the astronauts of "Apollo-II", prilunivshihsya in 1969 on the edge of the Sea of Tranquility lunar crater, clearly saw them from the opposite edge continuously observed three luminous spheres with a diameter of 15-30 meters. In addition, at the same time they managed to capture on film the dome and vaults, gabled roof, tall round structures, as well as large and small spacecraft. But the pictures taken by the Soviet probe "Luna-9" show is a clear round stones marking the road line.
But since both the Russian and Americans (as it seems) are interested in the priority kosmitov hold of technology, starting from the late 1970s, began an outright game of "cat and mouse". Each of the partners since then trying to hide from each other and from the world the discovery that, of course, is related to all mankind, and therefore have a universal value.
Yet the murder will out! May 15, 1992 in Moscow astronomer E. Arozuhin reported that he saw a black square object in a zigzag flight suddenly appeared at the surface of the moon, and then disappeared into its crater Alfonso, thus covered the distance of 500 km at a speed of 200 km / sec.
So, the competition's strongest powers in the world for the conquest of the moon with a clearly defined goal continues, although all of the above is quite clear that she has mastered much more intelligent beings than zemlyane.Fotografii

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