Moon City

"Belgorod news", 03.08.2002, Belgorod, n116, page 6
The press still come across publications in which the authors try to answer the perennial question: "Are we alone in the universe?". Meanwhile, signs of intelligent beings have long found almost on the threshold of our house — on the moon. This discovery was so incredible that threatened to shake the foundations of society, because it and hurried scramble.
From the press release: "March 21, 1996 at a press briefing at the National Press Club in Washington NASA scientists and engineers involved in the implementation of programs to study the moon and Mars, reported the results of processing of the information received. Was first announced the existence of artificial structures on the Moon and man-made objects. "
On the existing facilities except UFO researchers said cautiously and evasively. In their responses were always present the expressions "may," "this information is examined" or "soon we will announce it officially." At the briefing, and mentioned that the Soviet Union was once also had some part of photographs relating to the irrefutable evidence of the presence of traces on the moon reasonable activity. And although the nature of this activity has not been established, thousands of photos and video produced "Apollo" and military space station, "Clementine", and revealed topographically bind numerous areas of the lunar surface where the activity and its traces are clearly visible. At the briefing were shown videos and pictures made by U.S. astronauts during the execution of the program "Apollo." On the question of why this information is not brought to the public before, NASA specialists answered: "… 20 years ago it was hard to predict how people will react to the news that someone had been on the moon or eating in our time. Besides , there were other reasons not related to NASA. "
Richard Hoagland — a specialist in lunar artifacts — notes that NASA is still trying to veil photo documents carefully before they get to the available directories or files, spending their retouching or partially out of focus when copying. Some researchers, including Hoagland, believe that once an alien race used the Moon as a terminal station during their activity on the Earth. Their guesses are confirmed in the legends and myths of different nations of the world. Many kilometers of the ruins of lunar cities, huge transparent domes on massive grounds, various tunnels and other constructions make scientists reconsider their views on issues related to our natural satellite. The appearance of the moon and the features of its motion relative to the Earth — another big question for science.
Some partially destroyed objects on the lunar surface can not be attributed to the natural geological formations. They present a complex organization and geometrical structure. At the top of the "Rima Hadley", not far from the place of landing, "Apollo 15," observed structure, surrounded by a high wall with the letter D. It is now known 44 districts of the Moon, where are found a variety of artifacts. Their study by specialists of Central bank of space information Space Flight Center. Goddard and Planetary Institute in Houston. In the area of the crater Tycho discovered mysterious terrasopodobnye production of the rock. Concentric hexagonal development and availability of a tunnel entrance on the side of the terrace is difficult to explain by natural geological processes. It is rather similar to the open development of the ore rock. In the area of the crater Copernicus Seen transparent dome towering above the edge of the crater. The dome has a strange feature — it shines from inside a blue-white light. At the top of the "Factory" is very unusual, even by the standards of the moon, object. Based on a square surrounded by walls in a diamond is well known to earthlings disc with a diameter of about 50 m with a dome on top. Next to it is seen in the picture dark round opening in the ground, like the entrance to an underground caponier. Between the crater Copernicus, and the region of "Factory" is perfectly correct rectangular space measuring 300×400 m Astronauts "Apollo 10" made a unique picture (AS10-32-4822) of an object the size of a mile, called "The Castle", which hangs at a height of 14 km and casts a clear shadow on the surface of the moon. It looks like it is composed of several cylindrical units and a large binding site. One of the photos hanging "Castle" seen its internal cellular structure, creating the impression of transparency of individual blocks of the object.
During the briefing, which was attended by many scientists from NASA, it was found that, when Richard Hoagland asked again in the archives of NASA originals "Castle", they were not there. They disappeared even from the list of pictures made the crew of "Apollo 10." In the archives there were only interim photo of the object on which its internal structure is not visible.
The crew of "Apollo 12" after reaching the surface of the moon suddenly found that their landing took place under the supervision of translucent pyramid-shaped object. It hung just a few meters above the surface of the moon, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow on a black velvet moon "sky."
In 1969, after the screening of astronauts on their journey to the area of the Sea of Storms, where he was again able to see these strange objects, later called "striped glasses", NASA finally evaluated the possible consequences of such control. Astronaut Mitchell, responding to a reporter's question: "How do you feel after a successful return?", Said: "I still have a sore neck from what had to constantly turn my head, because we literally felt the skin, they're not alone out there. Could only to pray. " Johnston, who worked at the Houston Space Center, worked together with other experts studying the photos and video obtained during the implementation of the "Apollo". Discussing with Richard Hoagland lunar artifacts, he noted that the NASA leadership, very frustrating as a large number of anomalous, to put it mildly, objects on the Moon. The program is always on the brink of cancellation of manned missions to the Moon. On top of the situation fueled film crew "Apollo 14," which was cut from many fragments.
Of particular interest to researchers are ancient structures, similar to the partially destroyed cities. Orbital survey reveals a surprisingly correct geometry of square and rectangular constructions. They resemble the look of our city from the height of 5-8 kilometers. One of the experts Mission Control Center said these pictures as follows: "Our guys watching from the orbit of the moon ruins of ancient cities, transparent pyramids, domes and God knows what else, now hidden in the vaults of not only NASA, felt like Robinson Crusoe, stumbled on the tracks bare human feet in the wet sand desert island. " What conclusions come geologists and paleontologists who study pictures of the ruins of lunar cities and other anomalous objects? According to them, they can not be natural formations. "We have to recognize their artificial origin. Regarding the domes and pyramids, the more". Reasonable activity of an alien civilization emerged unexpectedly close to us. Psychologically we were not prepared for this, and now many perceive it to work.

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