Moscow could cut loans to Belarus

The economy of Belarus, which is now extremely lacking currency may remain without Russian loans. This was stated by the Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin. He said that Russia may restrict credit support to Belarus if the official Minsk will hinder the work of the Russian media.

Russian financiers may restrict loans to Belarus not only directly but also indirectly. The second option has become particularly relevant and specific just today when Andrew Don — one of the vice-president and chairman of the Savings Bank of Russia German Gref — said the bank began discussing the possibility of financing purchases by Sulyaymana Kyarymava "Moscow Oil" controlling interest "Belaruskaliy."

Kyarymav, which supposedly has promised to convey Belarus one billion dollars as payment for the "Belaruskali", he asks for money from the Russian Savings Bank. Whether he will be given a loan? Some political analysts with respect to this transaction are doubtful. It increased after the declaration of Alexei Kudrin. So Andrew Suzdaltsev today said, "Freedom":

"That will be a deal, the big question. Transactions that level really settled in the Kremlin. Writing such a huge loan amount of the Savings Bank — this is a very serious matter. This question solved at an extremely high level. And at this level, of course, will discuss prospects of the regime of Lukashenko and prospects of relations between Moscow and Minsk. "

By selling "Belaruskali" disapproves of the Belarusian opposition. It is said, for example, in the anti-crisis program, which was prepared by the experts of the United Civil Party. Says party leader Anatoly Lebedko:

"As Saligorsk, that is the list of companies that should have the taboo." Belaruskaliy "- is our only natural monopoly. And, of course, it should remain with the state. This is absolutely clear. Naturally, we are in favor of privatization. But at the same time we say that we have a list of companies that should be in the hands of the state, including including Soligorsk plant. "

Flared up again and the "milk" the war between Minsk and Moscow. June 14 The National Council of Russian producers offered to limit imports into the country of the Belarusian cheeses at dumping prices. Russian Agriculture Minister Elena Skrinnik promised to figure it out and maybe repeat the operation with milk powder from Belarus is temporarily imported.

Belarusian economist Michael Zaleski commented:

"It turns out that the Russians, despite any agreement to protect their market. And we — his own. Than our cheeses were prevented? Low price. Why the price is low? Because farms receive subsidies. And as they get them from where? of Russian loans. "

Andrew Suzdaltsev calls the current relations between Russia and Belarus "very rough":

"Now they have a little pause. So, Moscow for themselves certain questions identified. And now count on the fact that Moscow will be in the former volumes to support Lukashenko and have contact with him, you can not. Here we must note that Medvedev with him in December last year had never met. Lukashenko in isolation. And, apparently, is forever. "

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