Most heavy snowfall in 20 years struck Jerusalem

Snowfall, the most abundant in the past 20 years, collapsed on Thursday in Jerusalem, prompting city officials to block the road, to cancel classes at schools and to ask citizens not to leave the house to warming.

Since last evening in the city which Israelis, contrary to UN resolutions, consider their united and undivided capital, fell to 10-15 inches of precipitation, which was the highest figure since 1992, a spokesman for Mayor Elisha Peleg. "Members could hardly remember the last time this was … After a day of family. Afternoon warming is expected, and you can go shopping," — he advised his countrymen, speaking on the radio station "Galey IDF."

The city canceled classes in schools, kindergartens closed in many areas, especially in difficult terrain, halted public transport. Where buses and trams, authorities canceled the fare. Police have repeatedly closed the main highway leading into Jerusalem, including Highway 1 and route 443, which connect the city with Tel Aviv.

Snow falls in Jerusalem almost every year, and is no more than a few days. Whenever citizens are preparing for it as a disaster, with joy as infrequently holiday. Children and sometimes their parents, gets the unplanned weekend, all of which are carried out with a game of snowballs and snowmen modeling. Then type the snowy old city walls, domes of mosques and churches makovok, silvered palms adorn the front pages of Israeli newspapers, and replicated in millions of postcards, will involve long their uniqueness customers souvenir shops.

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