Motorists said they saw a dinosaur-kangaroo




In the dark, in the presence of the imagination kangaroo easily be taken for a dinosaur. Or maybe it's the heat so people act (photo from

Chilean authorities puzzled by the fact that several motorists reported seeing strange creatures resembling a hybrid of a kangaroo and a dinosaur.

Eyewitnesses said they saw the creature at different times increase in more than two meters to the north of Santiago on the road that connects Iquique (Iquique) and Arica (Arica) and goes through the Atacama desert (Atacama).

One of the witnesses, Hernan Kaevas (Hernan Cuevas), said that "the supernatural animal resembling a dinosaur with two legs and huge thighs" ran across the road right in front of his car.

The representative of the Chilean police said: "The fact that people see strange things in the desert, nothing unusual there. Yet so many drivers talking about one and the same vision for the first time, so we're thrilled."


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