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Prepper is a person who truly believes that there are no insurmountable difficulties if you are selfless and determined. Prepper looks at the disaster in which most people find it impossible to survive and said: 'All you really need is the X, Y and a little Z! »Preppery — family-oriented people, people who believe that it is necessary today to sacrifice time for rest and entertainment, for that would in future disasters just to survive, and even better survival with a certain comfort.

Nowadays a lot of people around the world are concerned about the upcoming Judgment Day, or the Apocalypse, but not quite puzzled Preppers this. Preppers are focusing their efforts on preparations for such common things as the loss of a job, taking care of the family breadwinner or total disability. The following main objectives for Peppers is the death or serious illness / injury of a family member, fire, flood or other natural or man-made disasters. The current global economic situation multiplies the potential risk and the likelihood of such catastrophes.

The End Of The World As We Know It (End of the World — we know what to do) or TEOTWAWKI is a common abbreviation and the main slogan community Preppers. This slogan is perceived by each individually, and indicates that we know what to do if you come Judgment Day. TEOTWAWKI reflect the views of members on Prepper inner peace, family, neighborhood, city, state, region or the world. Many according Preppers suffer catastrophic lack of knowledge TEOTWAWKI at the family and experience what their friends and relatives may not be fully prepared.

Prepper ready for a long repel any threats. They take into account numerous factors which are crucial to survival. The most important elements necessary for life is food, water and shelter. Set all Preppers have large supplies of food, water filters. as well as access to the source, the adoption of measures to create a shelter.

Some plan to create Preppers 'Shelter in place "to ride out any bad situation, living in his house. Other Preppers recognize that they may leave their homes and will be forced to run in a protected area — the mountains, the village, or just a nice place in the woods, where they feel safe when the collapse happens or apocalypse.

From the moment when the project was launched americanpreppersnetwork (APN) At the end of 2008, the community Preppers greatly increased in number of its permanent members. In late 2011, the project was almost completely restructured in order to attract a wider audience. As a result, community Preppers got even more fans.

APN is the official position is that the 2012 is just another potential threat, which is preparing to repel community Preppers, but it is not more important than a super volcano eruptions, earthquakes, or total economic collapse. Philosophy APN is ready to adapt their lives so that by themselves any threats and save himself and his family during the most incredible disasters.

Here is an excerpt from the article Associated Press (our translation):

Jerry Yang made a list and checked it twice. In his list, he said 142 possible variants of the Day of Judgment.

The global economic crisis, nuclear war with Iran, a terrorist attack or pandemic. Or an earthquake, hurricane, tsunami or a super volcano.

In any case, Young prepared. And he is not alone.

Reno, Nevada, resident «Prepper"A group of people in the United States and parts of Canada and Australia, who are preparing for the end of the world — or TEOTWAWKI (end of the world — we know what to do with it.)

Fashion for Preppers goes in waves with the announcement of the Cold War and the construction of shelters around the world are able to make a nuclear attack, said Mike Porenta, general manager americanpreppersnetwork, one of the largest online forum and online resource for preppers.

The biggest wave of registrations were in 2000, is still remembered about the error 2000 in windows, and in 2008, during the economic crisis in the U.S. coincided with the flow of the recent natural disasters — from Haiti to Japan.

Today, it is almost impossible to count the number of Preppers because of the explosion of popularity of this ideology on the Internet in recent years.

Hugh Vail, president of American network Preppers, said that the sale of goods for survival and long-storage products grew more than 1,000 percent since 2008, with a jump, after major disasters such as the earthquake in Japan.

And the movement continues to grow — especially in the suburbs.

'Community Preppers increased mainly due to the grand naplva conservative Christians, "says James Wesley Raulz who wrote the so-called Bible prepper, how to survive the end of the world, and runs a blog on survival. 'People just are prepared to survive in rational self-interest, "he says.

Basically Preppers hoard canned and freeze-dried food and water. Some hoarding weapons and ammunition, and take lessons of survival. The remaining building bunkers with enough food and water for the whole family for several years.

While some of the blog readers believe in the prophecy of the Mayan calendar, preparing for apocalyptic change in December 2012, says Raulz for most ordinary people: farmers, clerks, housewives, lawyers, right-wing libertarians to hippies.

In the end, the term Prepper, it was coined in order to break the stereotype of survival: a homemade gun armed bearded man hiding in the forest bunker.

Readers of his blog mostly Canadians, he said. Western Canada, in particular, the model area Preppers.

More and more people are turning to the Internet shop serving Canadian Preppers, Brenik says Anita, who lives in a village near Oshawa.

Brenik says she sells medical supplies for emergencies, not the apocalypse. But while the motivation of different customers, the answers are the same: you need shelter, food and heating homes, she says.

Sarah Luker, middle-class housewife, fully shares the philosophy Anita Brenik. Luker save on food, canning everything they can for the future. To join the community Preppers it after Hurricane Ike forced the run of the house all her family.

At that time, the economic crisis has hit the business and all businesses near Houston began to close. Thousands of people have been laid off. That is when the handy canned Luker. Like many others, she posted her story on a set of Web sites, podcasts, and online stores catering to prepper.

'I'm not too surprised that more people are preparing for the end of the world, "said Michael Lindell, editor of the international journal devoted to the emergency and the director of risk reduction and rehabilitation center in Texas.

Jerry Yang said that preparations for the end of the world allows him to sleep at night.

'I'm preparing for the worst, so many things that happen to us now, for me, only a small inconvenience, "says the author of apocalyptic fiction and prepper blogger.

Jerry Yang has collected a supply of food, a radio, first aid kit and a tent with a sleeping bag. All of which he keeps in his living room in the basket for evacuation.

He says that he is motivated not by fear or paranoia, and he admits that many of them recorded doomsday scenarios are unlikely to be fulfilled. He just wants to be prepared.

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