Multi-colored twins Kian and Rimi!

Amazing anomaly that is 1 to 1,000,000, occurred in a British family 7 years ago. The couple had two girls, twins Kian and Rimi (Kian, Remee), but with a different skin color …

Kian (left) and dark-skinned brown-eyed, and Rimi (right), a blue-eyed blonde. But they are twins and were born a minute apart. A rare genetic anomaly is due to the fact that their parents, mother Kylie Hodgson and Remi Horder father (Kylee Hodgson, Remi Horder) were in the family representatives and white and dark-skinned races.

His parents raised them so that girls do not notice that they are different. They never ask questions why each of them looks exactly as it did. According to the girls' mother, that her children are so different, the most important, third-party observers.

When the girls were born in 2005 and their mother in the first place was struck by the bright blue eyes of both and only then spotted the difference in hue of the skin. With age, the eyes are dark-skinned Kian became brown and the skin even darker. Rimi is not changed and this difference became more noticeable to others.

Since both parents are dark-skinned, passers-by think that fair-haired and fair-skinned Rimi a friend of their daughter Qian and are surprised why the mother puts her Kian as well as girlfriend. When the mother said her two children and that the twins, people were shocked.

However, despite the close relationship, the two sisters are completely different people, and if in fact non-native. They have different interests, they are in different time learned to walk and talk and are now studying in different grades of elementary school. Both love to sing and dance, but Kian loves animals, and Rimi not much, but loves to tinker in the kitchen and cook.

And that less they still twins and between them there is a certain intuitive sense, despite the fact that they are now temporarily living in different apartments away from each other. When they meet, spend all the time together, helping each other.



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