Mysterious death of birds in the New Year in Arkansas

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Thousands of dead blackbirds on New Year's night again filled the streets of Little Rock, the U.S. state of Arkansas. Cause of death of the birds is unknown.

Special mystery what occurred makes the fact that the dead birds have fallen on the city this time last year — New Year's Eve 2011.

As the channel Fox news, citing local police, the first birds began to fall down dead after townspeople hours at 7 pm, to see off the new year began with numerous individual fireworks.

Official city fireworks in the city were banned after the events of last year. Then the scientists hypothesized that fearful thunder bird flew out of the nest and rushed in fright, stumbling over electrical wires and crashing to death on the walls of houses.

Subsequently, the exact relationship between the one and the other, so to prove and failed.

Residents of the state were scared mass deaths of birds and followed her loss of thousands of fish. Someone said that the animals are poisoned. Others remembered the prophecy of the Apocalypse.

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