Mysterious noisy neighbor

Such a phenomenon may occur as a poltergeist in the most unexpected place. Sometimes noisy spirit dwells in the house, choosing for themselves the seat of any thing. It can be anything — from books to your phone.


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"Pranks" it appear peculiar. The house will begin voices will be heard the sound of footsteps, natural disasters will occur home values. In this way he shows the attitude not only to the residents of the house, but to the time at which the hit. Quite often noisy spirit comes from the last time.

There are cases where such a spirit is infused into the car, causing them to behave unpredictably. Can they settle in other subjects, and then from items you can expect anything. Here is one of the thousands of stories of this phenomenon as a poltergeist.

At the end of the XIX century a French town local doctor bought a cheap old wall clock. Entering the house, he saw the cat meowing scared, ran out of the house. As soon as the clock took place on the wall, with their strange things began to happen: they are, they went, then no, they went in the opposite direction, then started to beat some time. Became unbearable at night: every time clock struck ten — fifteen minutes.

The watchmaker just threw up his hands in the clock mechanism was all right. For the paltry sum doctor sold the master clock from a neighboring village, and after a few weeks, the house of the lord was burned to the ground. Survived only wall on which amuse hours.

Researchers studying the anomalies are unanimous: the noisy ghosts — is the human soul, whose life was violently interrupted. They come back to our world, to complete the journey of life in such an unusual way.

Get rid of this difficult neighbor. In such cases it is necessary to join with him in touch to find out their preferences and habits, to show empathy. You can even consult with him on economic matters.

Always keep in mind that noisy spirit — the phenomenon of the small world and its possibilities more human. If you establish a relationship with him, then this neighborhood is sometimes useful.

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