Mysterious UFO in the Osa area

It has long been an active discussion of emergency continues in Osa area.

Testimonies of numerous witnesses allowed to build a picture of the incident.

March 1 at about 15 pm on Irkutsk-time residents of the area started to see Osa strange phenomena in the air. In the sky were visible and multiple flash lights.

At 19:30 on the Irkutsk-time locals saw a bright flash, and after a while a powerful explosion. The explosion was heard in the villages Obus, North, Hadahan.

A little earlier in the Ust-Kut locals watched the movement of a bright red body, which disappeared over the horizon. Shortly thereafter became visible bright flashes.

Time of the incident coincided with two other events. Solar flare reached Earth, causing March 1 on the planet had a strong magnetic storm.

Around the same time, when there was an explosion near Osa UFO on the main communication channels strange accident occurred. For about 3-4 hours for the residents of the Baikal region was not available online in the European part of Russia.

The search for downed aircraft was carried out on March 2 in parallel with the Ministry of Emergency Situations of force helicopter and local people on the ground. However, no trace of the explosion or crash landing was not found. However, the place is cordoned off by accident, inside the cordon area will not let anyone.


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