Myths of Ancient India: the creation of life and becoming immortal gods

Myths of Ancient India

One of the most interesting, mysterious and rich mythology of the world is an Indian. Myths and Legends of Ancient India are very diverse. In addition, they are doubly interesting to the Russian people, who are interested in the origins of Russian spiritual culture, it started pre-Christian pores. Aria (Aryans) came to the territory of the Indian subcontinent about the second millennium BC. e. from the lands of modern Russia.

Their myths and legends have kept many of the same reasons that unite people in a vast Indo-European language family. Their mythology has reached our days, though embellished, but alive, and ours was largely destroyed, went to "subconscious."

Creation of life

Once our world was enveloped in darkness without light, and everywhere there was only water. Ocean rules the planet earth was only at the bottom. The ocean was menacing and had huge forces, hiding a fire and light, and many other gifts for their future lives.

And there was space in the golden egg, in his inmost heart concealed germ. For a long time he was slowly growing, it was growing power. Once Bud break the shell, split it in two and left. It was a pervobog — Brahma. From one part of the shell he created the heavens and the other sent down to make it the land. Brahma filled with clean air space of the sky to the ground, and then devoted his mind and spirit to the great work of creation. Pervobog created all that should be in the water, on land, in the sky. He created a year and was the ancestor of the time.

The force of his spirit, he became the father of sons and appointed them to become masters of the various creatures, gods, demons, and all the good and evil forces. From his brow, he made the mighty, the powerful god Rudra (Sanskrit "furious, roaring, red", its analogue Slavic Perun — furious storm lord, protector of hunters and military origin).

Of the fingers of the right and left his feet Brahma gave birth to the god of light and the goddess of the night. They combine an indestructible marriage, because there is no light without darkness. At the behest of Brahma lit the sky the sun and the moon, the myriad of stars. From the set of descendants of Brahma and other gods arose, and all them was thirty-three thousand, thirty-three hundred and thirty-three. Then the born enemies of the gods — the asuras and demons, which determined the future of the battle between the forces of light and darkness.

Brahma felt that the ground hard to lie on the ocean floor, and it is in the form of boar plunged into and raised on high ground from their tusks water depths. Land was adorned with mountains, rivers and lakes, forests and fields. Inhabited by many creatures, from the strongest to the weakest giant creatures, who swims, crawls, or settle in tree crowns. Most of the white birds — wild northern goose (swan), Brahma chose as inseparable friend and driver. Since then they have together — Brahma in bright robes and white goose strong bearing god. It should be noted that the swan, goose — is an ancient way of Indo-Europeans, including Slavic-Rus.
Brahma created and people. From the mouth of the Brahmans were created, which were to speak on his behalf, to keep the law of the people. The hands of the mighty God created Kshatriya — soldiers and administrators. They had to keep the divine order with action. From hip Brahma created the third varna-caste — Vaishya (farmers, herders, artisans) they were estate, upon which all society, the firm foundation of the world order. And from the feet of Brahma created sudra caste servants (such as itinerant actors), they had to do the dirty work, gay people, etc.


At the end of the world extends far ocean (ocean of milk, apparently, the Arctic Ocean), in its waters kept a great secret — Amrita, the drink of immortality. The gods and hostile to them asuras (demonic beings) craved immortality, as the greatest of blessings, which will save them from disease and old age, from leaving the darkness.

Once, vsesvetly god Vishnu told them to stop feuding and went to the far ocean to extract amrita. Drink agreed to divide equally. Whorls used for a huge mountain Mandara, and as the rope snake Shesha (or Vasuki, the king of the Nagas, semi-divine beings zmeeobraznyh).

The ocean asked permission for his churning (sbaltyvaniya), he gave it, asking particle Amrit. Hundreds of years was shaking, after a certain period of the ocean became milk, butter milk hitched. Dairy water generated per month, the goddess Lakshmi in white robes (the goddess of abundance, prosperity, wealth, success and happiness, she became the wife of Vishnu). Was born as a white horse and many other magical creatures. Came out of the ocean and shining like a rainbow, precious stone, it became a sign of Vishnu, adorning his chest.

Finally emerged from the waters of the ocean of milk god healer (Dhanvantari), he carried a jar full of Amrit. Immediately at issue, an outcry. All wanted to seize the vessel. Vishnu took the jar and wanted to drink of the gods, asuras are not demolished it and rushed into battle. The ocean broke unprecedented battle, she put an end to Vishnu — he threw asuras solar disc (Sudarsana Chakra), they retreated and disappeared underground. So become immortal gods, and could at all times to reward the righteous and punish the wicked.

Vishnu (the "penetrating, all-pervading," "one who enters everywhere", the embodiment of the one God, in Russian it can be called "the upward call") and his wife Lakshmi is the divine couple, bestower of joy, help in all good endeavors, always helping those who believes and prays.

Alexander Samsonov

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