NATO is preparing a World War — Russian and Chinese military regime moved to higher readiness.

Christoph Lehmann. NATO is preparing a World War — Russian and Chinese military regime moved to higher readiness.

At the International Security Conference (ISC), Munich 2007, Vladimir Putin warned western leaders, that the unprecedented aggressive expansion of NATO has led the world closer to a third world war than ever before. This is a stern warning was made several years before the NATO aggression against Libya and its undeclared war against Syria and Pakistan. Due to the recent dispatch of armed U.S. troops to Uganda, and military threats against Pakistan, the armed forces of NATO, Russia and China have never been as close to the conflict, as it is today. A recent report of a serious FSB reveals in detail the fact that the U.S. and NATO are now planning and actively preparing for war on all continents. Following a recent meeting between Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Jintao Huang, the armed forces of both countries put on high alert.

Speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin at the 43rd international security conference in Munich, and Putin's statement, that the aggressive expansionism of NATO brought the world closer to a third world war than ever before, were made in 2007. The fact that to this day the conflict was avoided, there was not that NATO has changed its policy of aggressive military expansion. Putin's speech was sobering, and some realize its full meaning. In recent months, however, there was an urgent need to stop the spiral of aggression, which can only be described as megamaniakalnoe insanity.

From the middle of September 2011 Russian politicians in the Duma began to say that NATO must significantly reduce its military presence in the former Soviet republics. In early October, those calls have turned into a demand — Russia must defend its interests in the former Soviet republics, especially in the south. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and NATO's war in Afghanistan, its military presence in neighboring Russia and China, countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, as well as in Georgia, has increased significantly. The fact that Russian and NATO forces have come close to an open armed conflict, when Georgia attacked South Ossetia, or that armed unrest in Chechnya, supported by the U.S., shows that Russia is increasingly threatened. A clear answer to the demands of Vladimir Putin to change the policy of the State Duma, was given on October 3, after Putin was gloomy report of the FSB, which warned the U.S. and NATO preparations of a global war. October 3, a few days before the meeting with Jintao, Putin announced plans to create a Eurasian Union.

When the Russian prime minister and, more than likely, the winner of the next presidential election, Putin met with Chinese President Jintao Huang October 12, the official agenda was the conclusion of mutually beneficial agreements on friendship, trade and other relations. The main reason for the visit, however, failed to make the headlines. Before leaving for Beijing Putin received the report of the FSB. This report was confirmed by the Chinese intelligence and the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS), which are used, among other things, the intelligence obtained through Andrevuda Brian (Brian Underwood), earlier operative Blackwater. Andrevud now in the U.S. and has been charged with espionage. According to reliable sources, China has attempted to warn Russia of U.S. and NATO plans to initiate a global military conflict. This conflict is reported to have been moved from the drawing board to the stage of activation.

According to both the Chinese and Russian intelligence, U.S. and NATO plans include among other things, the deliberate collapse of the U.S. and the EU, the destruction of the world's financial systems, and the global war from North America to Africa and Asia, and the Middle East. War plans include the use of biological weapons to kill millions and billions of people. NATO strategists rely on their ability to demand peace when conflict dorastet to the highest degree, to require establishment of a "New World Order" under the pretext of preventing the destruction of the planet and civilization as we know it. One of the preparatory stages was reportedly conceptual and strategic changes in the training of soldiers, when the emphasis was shifted to counteract disturbances to more traditional military operations, including tank battles.

FSB reported that activation of the conflict is expected soon in the near future than in the more distant, since the U.S. and NATO have deployed 2000 M1 Abrams tanks in Iraq and 2,000 in Afghanistan. On the territory between the Middle East and Asia has tens of thousands of other armored vehicles. FSB assessed the situation as so critical that the only thing remaining to activate military plans, the mobilization of reservists 1.5 million dollars. Start implementing these plans can begin at the moment of writing this article, and needs no further authorization from Congress.

U.S. plans aimed at global domination, dating back to 1998 and the "Project for the New American Century» (Project for a New American Century, PNAC). A member of the think tank, the former Secretary of the U.S. security Rumsild Donald (Donald Rumsfeld) warned in September 2001 that if war does not significantly change the geopolitical map of the world, the U.S. will not achieve its purpose and will not be a single dominant superpower.

The war in Iraq was not only based on the capture of its oil. One of the driving reasons for the decision to overthrow the Iraqi government was that Iraq began to trade its oil for euros instead of U.S. dollars. The key rationale for aggression against Libya was the fact that Libya has blocked the development of the Mediterranean Alliance, lobbied for the establishment of a pan-African currency, and now supports the President so Ivory Coast's Gbagbo in his attempt to bring his country out of the CFA agreement. CFA CFA francs, is controlled by France currency used in eight African countries, and control CFA France is one of the main sources of income to the French economy. The only country that has so far successfully escaped the U.S. dollar, is Iran, which stopped all trade oil for dollars in 2009. The only reason he has not been attacked, is that he has acquired from Ukraine a number of X-55 missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Russian intelligence analysts, however, consider it extremely unlikely that supply Ukraine with nuclear warhead missiles. Another probable reason why Iraq has not been attacked, may be his current support of NATO version popular revolution in Libya. Why Iran is playing a dangerous diplomatic game is confusing to many analysts. Possibly Iran, knowing about the war plans of the U.S. and NATO, said linking NATO forces in North Africa, a short-term insurance, making it possible to gain time to prepare a defense for the upcoming attack.

Both China and Russia outraged unprecedented abuse of UNSC Resolution 1973 and NATO's war in Libya. Both the Russian and Chinese veto resolution on Syria, must be considered in the context of the fact that Russia and China are aware of the U.S. and NATO plans to launch a global war. The fact that the U.S. ambassador Susan Rice pointedly left the Security Council meeting to protest against the veto — and not a sign of a diplomatic solution to the problems of global security.

Recently, the Government of India has allowed Chinese 20000th units enter the Indian portion of Kashmir to counter the expected U.S. and NATO aggression. Afghanistan has made it clear that he will fight on the side of Pakistan, if Pakistan is attacked U.S. and NATO. China, Russia, Pakistan and Afghanistan discussed pressing issues of security in the SCO meeting on October 15. Likely to prepare the U.S. and NATO confrontation with Russia and China was seen as the central point of discussion behind the scenes. When Russian forces were ordered to go into a state of higher alert, Vladimir Putin said a senior military: "Prepare for Armageddon."

If the clock showed in 2007, five minutes before midnight, how much time they leave us now? And if people perform their responsibility as citizens to stop the criminal government. No — then they may not be able to save your own life and civilization, how we know it. Now — it's time for people to start a peaceful protest against the massacre planned against them, and to support initiatives such as the last sentence of Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Tun Mahathir Muhammad, considered a war crime.

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