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Necronomicon — The book, which for twelve centuries been destroyed, prosecution and decoding scientists, mystics and those who wanted to learn the secret knowledge contained in its pages. This artifact has always been shrouded in mystery and mysticism as well as containing information about the deepest fears of the people and at the same time endowed to know Him and the power of the power of texts other worlds.
Ancient legends say that the first copy of the book has been written on the skin of a virgin, their blood, but it's probably only a legend. Because of the large number of those who would usurp the authorship of the book, the real Necronomicon lost in a large number of manuscripts presented as the original, but is only a distorted likeness. Necronomicon often confused with such works as: Grimorium Imperium (edition at the end of the 1970s), Simon Necronomicon (published in 1977 by publishing house Schlangekraft, Inc., And is today the most popular version of the Necronomicon); Liber Logaeth (edition paranormal researcher and writer Colin Wilson). There are also a number of lesser-known similarities such as Ripelya, Descamps, Quinn; R'lyeh Text, etc.
True Necronomicon was written out of a mad poet of Sanaa, Yemen province Abdul Alhazred and was initially named "Al Azif", which roughly translates as "Howl night demons."

It is stipulated that crazy Abdul Alhazred was considered not in the literal sense. What would understand the true meaning of the word is attached to a little dip in the eastern practices.

In the Middle Ages the Arabs believed in the existence of hidden in the parallel world of Irem (full name Irem sam Imad al) are located in the Rub al-Khalil (in ancient times "Empty Quarter", the modern name Dahna "Crimson Desert"). According to their beliefs, it was built on the orders of Shah gin Shaddad Magrriby. There dream to get all the eastern magi, as there are hidden great knowledge left by the previous race lived up to us on Earth.

This place is a secret door in the Great Void (that is the exact equivalent of the Kabbalistic DAATN). Magrribskie magicians were there in altered states of consciousness. They used three methods used specific drugs, mastered and practiced lucid dreaming complete lack of thought. There, in that mystical space, they communicated with the inhabitants of the Void, and learned the art of annihilation.

Fana (annihilation) — is the highest achievement in Sufi mysticism and magrribskom. During the annihilation of magnetic cast off the shackles of matter and absorbed Void. Then with the help of certain secret techniques he went beyond the Void and gained tremendous power over the creatures of the two realities — the people and the over gin.

According to Arab mythology, the jinn preceded once people on earth. For some reason they switched to a different reality and is now "frozen" at that point, there are latent ("sleep") state. Mag hitting the Void can enter one or more of gin in earthly reality and then the jinn are staunch allies.

In the VIII century, the people who had contact with the jinn, called "Majnoon" — obsessed with power. All Sufi heroes were "Majnun". Today, however, this word is translated as "mad man." That's why Alhazred considered mad poet. In the old days all the Arab books were written in verse, even the orthodox writings such as the Qur'an. But the Arab culture argued that poets inspire creativity jinn. That is why Prophet Muhammad strongly denied that he was a poet. He wanted to show all the people that he was inspired by God, and not some genie.

Let us return to the author of the famous Necronomicon. Before writing this work Abdul Alhazred traveled a lot, to know the truth that world order. In his quest, he went around the Middle East: two years lived in the ruins of Babylon, five years studying the underground caves and secret Memphis, ten years wandering in the desert of southern Arabia, which at the time was considered inhabited by evil spirits and all evil spirits that serve Satan and the angel of death . According to Abdul Alhazred is where he found the ruins of the ancient city, beneath which was a sanctuary from the manuscripts of the knowledge race leading up to humanity. This race, many nations of the East called the Ancient …

Whether this is true or fiction writer, is not known, but a little later, Abdul Alhazred dwelt in Damascus, where he began work on the labor of his life, and about the year 700 AD "Al Azif" was over. From that moment, the countdown went stories Necronomicon.

Around the X century AD manuscript "Al Azif" was translated into Greek and was familiar world title Necronomicon ("Necro" in Greek means "dead", and "nomos" — "experience", "customs", "rules" "postulate").

In 1230 the book was translated into Latin, and where it has not lost the Greek name, and only later in the XVI century manuscript fell into the hands of Dr. John Dee, who translated it into English.

Is the statement that the XVII century as not trying to destroy this book adherents of different religious faiths, the number of copies in the world is always 96. However, only seven of them have real value, that is, according to legend, can serve as a gateway to other dimensions. Three of these books in Arabic, one in Greek, two in Latin and one in English (the one that came from the pen of John Dee). The remaining copies have garbled text, but, despite this, they are endowed with great strength, which distinguishes the "Necronomicon" from all other ordinary books.

Actual content of the book is a mystery. But, nevertheless, it is known that there are described many of the secrets of the Earth and outer space. It is surprising, but there is evidence that in the Necronomicon were given many tenets of modern physics and mathematics, which became known only at the end of the 20th century. The book shows some deity previous race — they embody the principles of time, space and infinity, the light and dark aspects of the world, the eternal chaos and the forces of nature. For Arab manuscript states that there can be found the secrets of the human mind and the ability to easily capture the influence of the human psyche.

According to the Necronomicon, our Earth has a mysterious force that is personified in the image of the Supreme Deity — Cthulhu. Comes the discussion about the coming race "old" and the fall of mankind, as Cthulhu is awakened. Legend has it that people's dreams — is the idea of Cthulhu, and our life — is his dream. When god wakes up, we will disappear. So it's better not wake Cthulhu. Also there is also talk of other ancient deities such as Nyarlathotep — Mighty messenger, Shub-Niggurath, Nyarlathotep — The Crawling Chaos; Azatoth, Dagon, etc. All these powerful gods, and various other worlds evil can be called by the book. That is why many rulers and dictators such as Napoleon, Richard Francis Burton, Gurdjieff, Bismarck, Hitler sought to possess her. After the Second World War in the U.S. and the USSR were established special groups that have been searching for this unknown relics.

Necronomicon before us — as a great source of wisdom and spirit of what we used to call magic. Its author calls each reader gradually ascend to the heights of knowledge of being. Anyone can get into the consciousness of the information structure ciphertext and get the body of knowledge to which it is prepared. Necronomicon is multi-layered, and gives personal revelation everyone reads it to the man.

If we reject all supernatural premise that no one can tell you what really makes the Necronomicon, and whether the person is able to know all of his strength. Perhaps at one time and there is someone who will be able to absorb the hidden wisdom in the book, but with every century is a chance that this will happen inevitably reduced.

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