Nekljaev: No confusion, no panic we do not

Last Thursday, the Economic Court of Minsk Minsk City Executive Committee granted a second lawsuit on the recognition of the lease agreement between the "forward" and an open joint stock company "Tina Vlati" legally irrelevant. Other words, the court found that since the very beginning of an educational institution "Moving Forward" did not have a legal address so that a decision on the state registration agency "Moving Forward" must canceled. Will continue to act in such circumstances the civil campaign "Tell the Truth", the founder of which is the "way forward"?

The court's decision has not yet entered into force, within 15 days of it can be appealed, says human rights activist St. Michael Rice:

We can not expose people through work on behalf of an unregistered organization, because it is a move straight to jail

"So far, nothing has changed nor their legal status, nor the fact that the court recognized the legal status unimportant. This decision will be appealed." Moving Forward "will file an appeal to the Commercial Court for the trial court. At the moment nothing has changed."

The leader of the civil campaign "Tell the truth!" poet Nyaklyayeu says that the confusion and uncertainty come when some events occur suddenly, unexpectedly,

"As for trial campaign "Tell the Truth" and depriving her of the legal right to work in line with the law, that we have been waiting for — well, if not the very first days in a month and a half, it was already evident in the steps that the authorities were doing. We can not expose people through work on behalf of an unregistered organization, because it is a move straight to jail. So of course we took kontramery. They are, however, similar to those kontramer that have been made by other parties and organizations. So no confusion, no panic, we do not. We are on Saturday and Sunday held a conference of activists gathered them from all cities of Belarus, listened carefully to what they told us. And none of them did not panic, did not shout that we should disband. Everyone said that we will stand until the end. But with this decision, and we went back to work. "

Company spokesman Julia Rimashevskaya said the activists, volunteers are still working:

Julia Rimashevskaya (center)

"All the projects that were — they continue. We keep on monitoring campaign to collect signatures for the street Bykov. Today we start collecting signatures for the Campaign delegation leader Vladimir Neklyaeva on Belarusian Assembly. This action is also very ambitious, big and hard. Because people will have to explain what the All-Belarusian Assembly. because it is quite "dead" phenomenon, and many of her skeptically. Therefore, before our volunteers will face quite a challenge — to explain why it is needed and what is the meaning. "

May be registered by another organization, but "Tell the truth!" will work in the legal field, said the leader of the campaign Nyaklyayeu. After unprecedented application of Article 193 of the Criminal Code of Belarus lot — we can mention the prosecution of activists "Partnership" in 2006 or the leaders of "Young Front", what specific time spent behind bars.


Nekljaev, tell the truth

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