New achievement RCAF — 180 cars per month

In March, "Kuzbass car-building company" (part of the holding company "SDS-Mash") has released a record for an amount of wagon production — 180 units, of these, 90 wagons and 90 tank cars.  Compared with the previous maximum results RCAF increased production of cars in one calendar month by 37. This was made possible thanks to the efficient and orderly distribution of raised production capacity of the plant.

 "Our team is a close-knit — says achieving enterprise Matthew V. Nikitin, Deputy Director of the" Kuzbass car-building company. " — If he had another, probably to such results would not have come. Worked perfectly and engineering staff and production workers. "

"Kuzbass car-building company" intends to maintain a high level of performance. In April, the company re-release 180 cars.

Built in March wagons and tank wagons will leave customers in the Krasnoyarsk region and Kazakhstan.

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