New ambulances arrived in 4 regions

In Region 4 sent 23 cars

The two health care facilities in Murmansk were five ambulances Class A. Four out of these cars started their work in the Territorial Center for Disaster Medicine and one — in the Murmansk city hospital emergency medical care.

As part of the regional healthcare modernization program in Nakhodka in profits on new cars "Ambulance", which are equipped with expensive modern medical equipment.

 As stressed by the head physician station "Ambulance" Andrew Dzhirma is a very important event for the city. "All cars are equipped according to European standards, and the instrument they designed for many types of diseases: from injury to insult. We were under the specification of the city to 19 cars in the city today 23 cars "emergency", but 13 of them — the end of life cycle. So we wait another two units. The results obtained in the framework of the regional program Oise higher trim level with the upgraded engine will give more chances to save the life of the patient. "

Carport central city hospital Ugorsk added six ambulances.

One ambulance is designed for special teams. It is equipped with multi-functional stretcher, defibrillator, electrocardiograph, anesthetic equipment, apparatus for artificial respiration and other necessary equipment for resuscitation of action.

The other five cars will also work in the emergency room. Coaches are equipped with modern sanitary set of diagnostic equipment for the provision of ambulance patients, reported in the Information Policy city administration.

July 1 in Gomel on Lenin Square Gomel City Executive Committee Chairman Peter Kirichenko handed the keys to the eight new vehicles to drivers "first aid".

As noted by Peter A., a resident of the city at least once in a lifetime turned into the ambulance. Service health are 48 teams. In total, over the last year received 210,000 calls. The new "Gazelle" purchased from the city budget. Machines are distributed in seven urban substations "first aid".

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