New apartments were workers Aviastar and APL im.Plandina

The governor V.Shantsev Arzamas handed twelve employees of "Arzamas Instrument Plant named after PI Plandina "keys of the first flats built under a new state program" Rental housing. " The program "Rental housing" on the establishment of a fund rental housing in the Arzamas district implement the Government of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, JSC "Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending" (JSC "HMLA"), GP NO "Nick" and JSC "Arzamas Instrument Plant named after PI Plandina ".

As part of the program in the next three years for employees planned to build 5 houses 150 apartments. One-room apartment with furniture and appliances worth 6,100 rubles a month, two-bedroom — 10 500 rubles per month. In this case, the company will compensate the employees half the rent-housing tenants.

Seven workers "Aviastar-SP" got the keys from new apartments. They were the first members of a special housing program designed to support the factory workers. 

The specialists of "Aviastar" can get an apartment on favorable terms: they have preferences for the price per square meter and the percentage of mortgage loans with a subsidy amount of the first payment by the company. Thanks to the implementation of the program over the past year there was a private dwelling in 72 families.

The issue of providing houses specialists "Aviastar" raised back in 2011. Today in the New Town has already started construction of a residential district, "The Aviator" on 8,000 apartments specifically for employees. As the press service of the Governor and the Government, until 2017 there will be built over 200,000 square meters. meters of housing.

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