New Arctic settlements (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District)

Governor of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Dmitry Kobylkin a working visit on Human Settlements Yamal area, matching check availability of new social facilities with a pleasant mission. Area turned 81 years old, the district center — the village of Yar-Sale — 84.

Inspection of new social facilities of the Yamal district governor began with the township Salemal. The centerpiece of the village is new boarding school. Educational institution is equipped with all the requirements of educational standards. The teaching staff of educational institutions strengthened by new young staff who came to work in the village, including the district of the capital. Many teachers, graduating in Russian universities, have returned to their homeland.

The next social object — new kindergarten for 240 places in district Yar-Sale. As far forward, the social object in the village, said the statistics. Last year in Yar-Sale 162 children were born. Total for the Yamal region this number reached 316-ti.

photo "The village of Yar-Sale up to 70 percent with our idea of a modern sturdy Arctic village, but there is work to do. In general, the Yamal region have big plans relating, in particular, with the development of reindeer herding. We will be launching new projects that provide residents employment and decent wages. In parallel, our task is to bring to the proper level of all the Yamal village, which means we will build housing, schools, nurseries and leisure centers. The standard of living in the countryside — the success of Yamal " — said Dmitry Kobylkin at a solemn event dedicated to the 81st anniversary of the district and the 84 th anniversary of Yar-Sale, which was held in the concert hall Yarsalinskii school.

the village of Yar-Sale

Harp Priuralsky settlement area, the opening of a new power plant

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