New asphalt plant opened in Salekhard

Summer for road construction of Yamal — hot time. Over the short term need to catch a lot. Time itself requires an increase in the volume, speed up production. The road to the mainland waiting for residents throughout the western part of the county. Therefore built a new plant in Salekhard, producing one hundred and twenty tons of asphalt per hour, all of it will be used on the route storitelstve Nadym,.     Video

Asphalt mix already here last year produced 50 tons per hour. Tasks were difficult, but the beginning of a major road construction projects the county was laid.
Valery Papayani, director of the road construction company: "We have fulfilled the contract, had to do everything, produced 80,000 tons of asphalt, and, of course, failed in their obligations. Ie, the first 10 kilometers of the road on our Nadim laid asphalt plant from our rubble. "
Now two of the plant, according to Valery Papayani, road builders will deliver 170 tons hourly. Purchased new, modern cars that are adapted to local craftsmen work in the North.
Sergei Kotelevsky, mechanic: "We are remaking the body manufacturer. Thermovan. In order to conserve heat, the temperature of the asphalt. We do a double bottom. And the board also double. Due to the exhaust we keep warm. "
The mechanic says proudly of the new sprayer, tankers, harvesting machine: here and comfort, and the pace and, most importantly, the quality is the same, as they say, a vial. Roadman is a special joy milling machine for removing unserviceable web.
Sergei Kotelevsky, mechanic: "That those scissors she takes off all wet dust-free, hands down onto the conveyor belt and the vehicle is taken out."
Here, everything must be done without undue haste, but quickly. After all, asphalt — a perishable product. Within three hours, or even less, depending on the air temperature, it must be loaded, drove, laid and compacted. Because the two plants are trying to warm up to the maximum speed of bituminous mixtures.

Evgeny Cherkashin, Deputy Director of ABZ: "The plant produces 120 tons per hour. The maximum it can be overclocked to 150 tons per hour. We have already tried, tested. This power plant can give. "
Well, the gravel has gone. Here it is mixed. The new plant is running. Now we will see the laying of asphalt.
Laying on its database professionals were satisfied. You can go out on the highway, the road Salekhard — Nadym.
10 km. passed and asphalt ends. Next — the first layer and after — primer, prepared for the laying of asphalt.
Road builders on the first section of Salekhard this year to be laid in two layers of another twenty-two kilometers of asphalt. Enough of asphalt and Nadym-maker.

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