New boats GCC Vympel

5 September launching of the upgraded boat project 12150A "Mongoose" (serial number 02684).


This is the second boat series built for the Russian Navy this year. After passing the mooring and boat factory sea trials will be transported to the place of service.

The modernization project was carried out by specialists of the enterprise together with the CMDB "Diamond". Interior layout has been changed ship, increased superstructure mounted combat remotely controlled module.
The result has been to improve the modernization of combat, tactical, maritime and performance boats, as well as significantly improved its habitability (crew accommodation).

Fast patrol boat "Mongoose" Project 12150 is intended for:

  • action to call in the territorial waters;
  • monitoring compliance with the established regime of sailing ships on the outer and inner roads ports and harbors, as well as in adjacent coastal areas of the sea;
  • tasks included in the duties of the maritime police, customs, inspection of fish conservation in the coastal areas of the sea.
Displacement, t 27.2
Overall length, m 19.45
Width, m 4.40
Depth amidships, m 2.2
Displacement at full displacement, m 1.16
Max Speed, knots 50
Speed economic, units 36
Cruising range at economic speed, miles 410
Endurance, days 2
Crew. 3-6


Two main engines 10V2000M93 company «MTU», working on the drive Arneson ASD-14 with a partially-submerged fixed-pitch propellers or water jets «KaMeWa».

The total maximum engine power — 2240 kW (3000 hp).


One Marine tumbovaya machine gun mount 14.5mm.

The boat can be equipped with a light diving equipment.


September 9th place launching of the next boat project 21850 "Chibis". Upon completion of the factory running test boat will be sent to the place of deployment.

Small boats frontier "Chibis" Project 21850 of speeds in excess of 37 knots and can satisfy a wide range of challenges facing the security forces.

Small border cutter "Chibis" Project 21850 is designed to protect the coastal areas of the border.

Navigation areas — coastal marine waters, including shallow bays and the distance from the coast and up to 5 miles from the point of hiding up to 14 miles

The boat will provide the following tasks:

  • survey of coastal waters, internal and external ports and harbors raids in search of small and medium-sized targets;
  • detection and interception of small high-speed targets;
  • border provision of transport orders, anti-terrorist groups.
  • rescue people in areas of service.
The largest displacement, t 6.08
Length, m 9.95
Overall width, m 3.06
Height, m 5.3
Maximum speed, knots 37
Speed economic, units 30
Endurance, days 2
Crew 2


Propulsion system, which consists of two complexes, which include the main engine and associated water jet.

The structure of each system includes: D4-260 engine firm Volvo Penta power 1009 kW, FF240 waterjets firm KaMeWa, complete with hydraulic control

For ship navigation and to ensure navigation safety in any application launches taken as part of the navigator's arms:

  • magnetic compass KMC 90-1;
  • receiver GLONASS / GPS chartplotter with the function "Regatta -710";
  • navigation radar "Search" MP-415;
  • lighting.

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