New boilers have opened in Novokuznetsk and s.Pervomayskoe Altai Territory

In Novoiliynskiy area of the southern capital of Kuzbass opened a fully automated gas boiler. If required, the controller can operate the plant on the Internet, being in the center of Novokuznetsk.

Boiler room will heat part Novoiliynskiy district. This six apartment buildings, home for the elderly and disabled, the district administration and in the future, and the National airmobile rescue training center.

During normal boiler should be run automatically: the gas will be adjusted depending on the outside temperature. For the smooth operation of the boiler house was built next to the warehouse of diesel per 50,000 liters. Such a stock of fuel will last for three days of continuous operation.

The plant was built in such a way that its heating system in communication with the network Novoiliynskiy district. If the West Siberian TPP emergency occurs, the heat from the pipes of the gas boiler to go on network power plant that will avoid to freezing.

From the gas station to the boiler room was stretched 13 kilometers of pipeline. Gas boiler house was built in four months by the regional budget — is more than 180 million rubles.

In the Altai village Pervomayskoe put into operation a modular gas boiler

In the district center Pervomayskoe put into operation a modular gas boiler which heats the basic social facilities of the village — school, kindergarten and clinic, as well as the heat from the boiler produced more than 500 residents of the village. The press service of the administration of the Altai Territory Housing.

The total cost of construction of a boiler was 24.8 million rubles. The main share (more than 19.8 million rubles.) Financed from the regional budget.

Commissioning of the gas boiler will significantly improve the reliability and efficiency of public infrastructure of the village.

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