New brands of electrodes AMZ VISTEK !

Since August, the company "AMZ" VISTEK "launched production of new brands on their own production of welding electrodes,

Professionals recommend!

Welding Electrodes"EXTRAvis"characterized by:

— easily re-ignition of the arc stability,

  • — High specification weld metal
  • — A high deposition rate welding process.  

Welding Electrodes "EXTRAvis" are recommended for welding inverters.

Welding Electrodes"PLAZMAvis"characterized by:

 — Easy to start and re-ignition,

— soft and arc stability,

— minimal loss of metal from the spray

— very good formation of the weld, easy detachable slag cover.

— not very sensitive to the quality of edge preparation, presence of metal plating,

rust and other surface contaminants.

 At the end of the electrode "PLAZMAvis" ionizing applied coating that facilitates the easy ignition of the original.

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