New buses appeared in Omsk and Astrakhan

Press-service of the Omsk announced that the recently acquired lyase passed technical inspection and registration of the traffic police. Transport is already out on the routes served by MTE number 2.


From today Omsk will carry 20 new buses purchased in leasing "Passenger number 2 now." Note that Vyacheslav Dvorakovskiy mayor promised to help pay for the purchase of transport before the end of the year — now on these objectives money in the city treasury not.

MTE guide number 2, in turn, developed a position on the recruitment on new rolling stock to its management and employee incentive to improve the quality of passenger service.

The mayor of Astrakhan purchased for Belarusian citizens "MAZ".
The bus is very comfortable. Accommodates a large number of passengers — up to 80 people, making this a very cost-effective transport. At the expense of traffic congestion, it may be not very convenient for the fuel consumption will be much less accurate. Yes, especially since the bus is equipped with a 6-cylinder engine "Mercedes" with ecology class "Euro-4".
Its advantage is not only in the above paragraphs. Yet it is very convenient low step and a special area for wheelchairs.
Work on such transport, too, decided to encourage a high salary. Now the driver will receive about 40 thousand rubles, and the conductor — 17000.
The mayor Mikhail Stolyarov decided to increase the city's fleet. Buy a few more buses with greater capacity. Especially since the economy of such vehicles is much better than the trolley. And the economy now for Astrakhan comes first.

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