New buses PAZ-3203 will go to Armenia


"GAZ Group" supply in March this year ten small buses PAZ-3203 Yerevan passenger carrier "Hrachuhi-Hripsimeh," according to the official website of the company.

Total cost of equipment exceeds 12 million rubles. This is the first delivery of PAZ-3203 in Armenia.

The buses will be used in the urban passenger transport of the capital of Armenia. The contract was signed for the supply of buses after operational testing machines on the routes of Yerevan.

Buses PAZ-3203 family of complementary small buses PAZ-3204-spring suspension: PAZ-3203 is shorter by 470 mm base model PAZ-3204. Buses gasoline engine equipped with the possibility for retrofitting as LPG (propane and butane) and compressed (methane) gas. Passenger capacity PAZ-3203 is 43 people (including 18 seats).

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