New cars for repair crews entered the office, Pskovenergo

In early November, another batch of specialized vehicles arrived at the disposal of industrial branches of IDGC of North-West "Pskovenergo". In the Northern, Western and Eastern electric networks directed eight vans on GAZ 33081 for the transport of emergency repair teams of five people, special equipment and instrument.

Since the beginning of 2012 at the disposal of Power received 58 units of vehicles. On purchase of transport in the current year in the investment program of the enterprise provided 89.1 million rubles (without VAT).

Among the acquired construction equipment — new mobile diesel-generator sets (DGS) with a capacity of 100 kW and 60 purchased for production departments. New DSU made double-axle trailer, compact, have good noise isolation.

In order specialists Western Electric Networks in 2012 entered multifunctional crane manipulator (MCM-200). The decision to purchase this equipment was made after the crane was a demonstration pilot operation in the Western power grids in May 2011. MKM-200 combines the functions of the lift, drilling machines and crane was used to shuttle transmission towers over short distances, as well as for the transport of transformers by replacing them in existing TP and KTP. The versatility of the new technology has significantly reduced turnaround time in impassable areas and on heavy soils.

This year, "Pskovenergo" takes mobile electrical laboratory, trailers, semi-trailers, truck crane, tractor machinery with attachments. In addition, the updated technology park vysokoprohodimoy — snowmobiles, motor vehicles GAZ and UAZ. Acquisition of additional units of such vehicles is due to the fact that in the area of responsibility "Pskovenergo" length of overhead power line routes that ran along the forest and rugged areas, more than 18 thousand km.

Recall that in 2011 a branch of IDGC of North-West "Pskovenergo" purchased 113 units of vehicles to operate in adverse weather conditions. For the purchase of the investment company was sent to more than 123 million rubles.

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