New cars in the FPS of the Murmansk region

Just a regional FPS received 11 cars: 8 — mark "Lada Granta" and 3 "Fields".
Employees of the fourteen branches of inspection, located in district centers of the region, these cars will be to deliver to the courts under investigation in relation to which a preventive measure in the form of house arrest. In addition, the new cars will be used for the control of persons convicted without isolation from society.

— This was due to the development of the Russian penal system — said at the time the head of the FPS keys Alexander Kudrin. For us it is a real gift, earlier about this not even have imagined. Inspection staff had to perform these tasks on their machines. Today UII in the Murmansk region is fully equipped office transport. I think this will facilitate our task, and an order of magnitude increase performance.

According to head of the criminal executive inspection FPS Tamara Kochanowski, delivery vehicles carried out in connection with the amendment of the legislation — the introduction of a new measure of restraint in the form of house arrest.
— In accordance with Art. 107 Code of Criminal Procedure, — explained Tamara — to deliver the accused and suspects must be on the vehicle supervisory authority. So while a person is not convicted, we must deliver it to the place of the investigation. In addition, the staff of the inspection due to motor vehicles received the opportunity to respond quickly when, for example, the convicted person is trying to somehow get rid of an electronic bracelet.
We note, in the framework of targeted delivery in 2010-2011 FPS received special cars for escorting prisoners and persons in custody for the repair of engineering and technical security institutions, personnel carriers, armored car "shot" for the department of special purpose "Iceberg" .

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