New contract MSSZ

At the end of the outgoing 2012 OAO "Moscow Shipyard" was recognized as the winner of the bidding conducted by the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport in order to implement the Federal Targeted Investment Program (FTIP) for 2012 and the planning period of 2013 and 2014.


December 27, 2012 between the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport and OAO "Moscow Shipyard" signed a government contract to perform construction activities "Update service fleet" (construction of situational class vessel PPP '* O-pr 2.0 (Ice 20) . "The designer situational vessel of 3052, as well as previous projects 3050 and 3050.1 by OOO" GTSKB Rechflot. "

A series of 7 modern ships situational 3052 will be built for the following operating companies:

— FBU "Baikal-Angarsk GBU" (Irkutsk);

— FBU "Kamvodput" (Perm);

— FBU "Volga-Baltic GBUVPiS" (St. Petersburg);

— FBU "Volga GBU" (Yakutsk);

Bookmark situational cerebral vessel of 3052 is scheduled for early February 2013, and the transfer of the last vessel of the series is scheduled for the first quarter of 2015, the period of construction of the ship will be about 6 months.

For Moscow shipbuilding and ship repair yard is the third state contract for the construction of service fleet. In 2012, just in time MSSZ passed 8 units situational vessels of 3050 for businesses serving the inland waterways. Total of three government contracts in 2012-2015. will be built 45 ships situational.

Situational judgment Project 3052 is a very important and necessary for the type of vessel basin management of public waterways and navigation, they are called to perform important functions to ensure safety of navigation and the implementation of government regulation of the transport process within the established boundaries of activity. The advantage of this type of vessel is that it is designed for convenient maintenance and has high maintainability. The design of the hull, machinery, equipment and systems of the vessel meets all the requirements of the classification society and the observed protection against environmental pollution. Every room in the ship-conditioning system will be installed. The vessel will be installed crane, which will allow for loading and unloading.


  • Type — situational ship (service and support);
  • Ship Class: PPP * O-pr 2.0 (Ice 20);
  • Length overall: 35.8 m
  • Width: 6.0 m
  • Maximum draft: 1,4 m
  • Displacement laden: 144 m3
  • Power DG: 2h225 hp
  • Speed 13 knots.
  • Autonomy 5 days.
  • The crew of 6/4 people. Crew Accommodation is provided in six singles and a four-seater cabins.


The ship is designed to carry out the following tasks:

  • installation, removal, transport navigational signs, including milestones and buoys chsle river and lake to tiparazmera 4;
  • maintenance and repair of navigation conditions in their places of installation;
  • control of the state of the fairway on inland waterways;
  • condition monitoring to navigation fairway;
  • not self-propelled towing vessels;
  • freight on the working deck;
  • raid supply ships.

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