New cranes — in the shops UralVagonZavod

The shop Metal Uralvagonzavod has completed the installation of four new cranes. Their installation is produced in the framework of an ambitious program to modernize the crane equipment, which is now held at the head office of scientific and production corporation "Uralvagonzavod".

Metal shop is one of the most important units Uralvagonzavod. At night here take about 150 cars of metal. Comprehensive update of crane equipment that is in addition to the replacement also included the modernization of 11 of the 12 existing cranes, which reduced downtime cars and reduce the time of their discharge, which is very important for the smooth operation of the enterprise.

Total Uralvagonzavod has completely replaced 14 units of crane equipment. The program of reconstruction and replacement of valves began in early 2011, and during this period for these purposes has been spent 150 million rubles. The first workshop, which mounted the new crane, became shop wheel sets, and to date, in addition to the four units in the shop Metal, seven found in metallurgy and three — in a railway car.

In 2012 made a big plan to replace and upgrade cranes. In the long term — installation of 15 units of the new crane equipment, and the replacement of more than 40 crane cabs. Costs for these purposes will be approximately the same as in the previous year — 150 million rubles.

To replace the cabin from the experts out three days of installation and commissioning of the new crane — 2 months. All work has to be carried in the operating plant. But despite the difficulties, in the shops of the program of reconstruction and replacement of valves are waiting.

In modern crane cabs due to the complete glazing improved visibility, reduced noise levels. They are equipped with heating and air conditioning, as well as new, more comfortable seats. All this improves the working conditions and reduces operator fatigue, which Uralvagonzavod — mostly women.

No less attention is paid to the issues of safety: in cabins equipped with modern devices that capture all deviations during crane operation.

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