New DVRs from ASV-Technics for passenger counting

In late January, the Russian firm ASV-Technics started selling the new model car DVR ASV-RF04 with GPS / GLONASS on SD cards. The main purpose of the new model: increased security on the vehicle (vehicle) control vehicle movement and traffic flow on the vehicle, increase revenue and reduce theft by transport companies. Loop recording video, audio, location and velocity to a month.

The main difference from all the other DVRs: Connect up to 4 cameras with progressive scan, the distance from the cameras to the DVR up to 30 meters, the video recording speed of 1 frame per day, up to 30 frames / sec., The video is no blurring of fast-moving subjects at night, "hot "SD card replacement, low consumption, 4 independent counters for 4 Alarm-inputs for automatic passenger counting, automatic copying of the accident, the price of 10 000r., a recording format RF4 protected against forgery. In RF4 all video format on the SD card is accompanied by information: VIN and number of cars, the date, the time, the work of turn signals and brake light switch, coordinates, mileage, speed, elevation and azimuth (1 per second). The information is not superimposed on the picture and is readily available for processing. Complete programRF04playfor passenger counting (by video or 4 counters), instant search and access to any fragment, quick and single-frame (forward / backward) view from the SD card or the computer, and the HDD to HDD. The program also displays a moving car on the map Google Maps, sort videos by date, time, speed and other parameters. Registrars with similar functionality is not present.

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