New energy efficient boilers built in the Chelyabinsk region

Chelyabinsk region received 12 modern modular boilers within the current JSC "Corporation for Development" project to improve the energy efficiency of the Ural region.

New boilers have appeared in such localities as Verhneuralsk, Troitsk, towns Clear Glade, New World, Goncharka, Poletaevo, Pipe and village Agapovka Chelyabinsk region.

He is currently completing work on the construction of the supply chains. For this purpose from the regional budget was directed almost 69 million rubles. The subsequent commissioning of boilers, modernized forces' Development Corporation, "will be held with the active assistance of the local administrations.

A total of 15 municipalities in the Chelyabinsk region until the end of the year plans to build 37 new boiler instead of 30 inefficient. This will reduce the losses of about 100 million rubles a year.

In 2011, reconstructed, replaced or removed from service with the move of consumers to individual heating boilers 48, the subject of previous losses were about 50 million rubles a year.

Modern modular boiler installed "Development Corporation", equipped with the latest equipment of domestic and foreign production, and will not only save the budget, but also make the process of providing people with reliable warmth. And this is an important factor, since the choice of areas where the boiler will be installed, emphasis on the "Development Corporation" paid not only to their further economic recovery, but also their social significance.

The list of objects, modernized forces Corporation entered boilers, located near the campus of Troitsk, as well as facilities that provide heat kindergartens and homes of the city Verkhneuralsk. The critical situation in the village was Goncharka where heat provided unprofitable departmental boiler room, which was scheduled to close. The new boiler is not allowed to leave the village residents without heat.

There is already connected and provide heat boiler 3 residents in the villages and Agapovka Goncharka. Just the other day is planned to start another block gas boiler that will provide heat to the school number 5 Troitsk, instead of acting, working on heating oil.

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