New facilities have opened in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Saratov Smolensk

The grand opening of the new building for the Gagarin Interdistrict Investigation Division, serving just two district (Gagarin and Temkinsky) was held on November 12. This event staff were waiting for since 2008, when the Department of Investigation of the Smolensk region was included in the list of buildings for public use.

The rooms in the new building constructed taking into account the specifics of the "settlers" and provide the staff investigation departments decent working conditions. In addition to spacious, and most importantly — private rooms for investigators in the arsenal of the department has facilities for the reception of citizens, evidence storage, carrying out separate investigations, a conference room and even the garage.

An eight-story building area of over 6,000 square meters was put into operation and become the new home to several units of the MOI of Russia in the Saratov region. Among the "newcomers" — Forensic Center cupola.

New and spacious rooms allow for the installation of new equipment. In 1950, the state of scientific and technical department, who grew up Forensic Center there were only five people. The main types of examination then carried out only three (fingerprint, handwriting and preliminary evaluation of the authenticity of the document). Department took only two rooms.
Now in Forensic Science Center has more than 200 employees, 23 species are conducted examinations and investigations, including the method of DNA analysis. At the stage of implementation of the automated fingerprint information system "Papillon" Forensic Center of the regional budget allocated 13 million rubles for the computer equipment. In the past year, helped by a $ 1.5 million rubles spent on the purchase of equipment for the chemical laboratory. From the federal budget in the state defense order for the purchase of supplies for the production of DNA examinations allocated 1,380,000 rubles.














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