New fire station opened in Izhevsk

September 3 new fire station open on Gorky Street in Izhevsk. It is at this point at the beginning of XX century there was the first fire tower, which were monitored.

The old building of the fire station fire resistance class III (brick walls, hardwood floors) with an area 1126 sq.m. was built in 1931 and operated until 2005.

Having started construction in June 2012 with the demolition of Soviet-era buildings, erected a modern fire department for 4 out of parking.



Now there are all conditions for firefighters: ventilation, fire alarm system, CCTV. Washing system is a closed-type fire trucks will reduce the flow of water consumption for household purposes. Installed the exhaust system. The facility is fully equipped with furniture, appliances and all necessary equipment.

According to the head of the Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry on SD Peter Fomin, under heavy guard personnel of the fire department (number of unit, planned to place a fire station — 91 people) will be in all residential buildings within a radius of 5 km, the building of the State Circus of Udmurtia, the Cathedral Alexander Nevsky, Russian and national theaters and other social facilities of the historic center of Izhevsk.

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