New fire trucks for Emergency Situations and the Tver region of Stavropol

Firefighters Watershed, Temnolesskaya, Prikumskye, dry buffaloes and Demetrius can now professionally eliminate accidents. On Friday, the heads of these units received the keys to the new car first aid. Previously assistance to motorists involved in accidents on the road, had to wait in remote areas, it is now the first to arrive at the scene firefighters Fire and Rescue Service (PASS) SC.

Five subektovyh fire departments received new special purpose vehicles — cars and first aid. Maneuverable and equipped with all the necessary tools car the other day went to Andropov, Shpakovsky, Krasnogvardeysky Mineralovodsky, Petrovsky areas.

According to the press service of the Ministry, it was on their territory are the most dangerous areas of federal highways. And saving assistance in case of serious accidents is badly needed. And in the air-based "Gazelle" car just has everything necessary to eliminate the consequences of road accidents tools: shears, wire cutters, and jack extender.

In addition to combat road accidents, a new car can easily cope with landscape and fire. In the car, except for rescue tools, and a tank extinguishing agents of 500 liters. A small volume of container in the car is compensated high-pressure pump, through which the car handles better than multi-ton of ignition Ural. And a cross-wheel-drive vehicle allows firefighters to drive even the most inaccessible places.

— Five new cars — it is not just the completion of fleet vehicles PASS UK. It is a real salvation for those who are in trouble. According to statistics, a large number of visits our firefighters make it to the elimination of the consequences of an accident. In such a situation, every second counts. After all, according to the "rule of the golden hour 'assistance should be provided immediately. Now, on the dangerous sections of federal highways such ambulance is. And our firefighters are always ready to fight even the most complex emergencies — said Gennady Kiselev, head PASS UK.

Volunteer fire brigade Tver region received new equipment

26 rural settlements in the Tver region increased more fire safety equipment. May 7th Governor Andrew Shevelev handed the keys to the heads of administrations of fire trucks.
Last year, rural settlements were transferred to 48 specialized vehicles converted from the regional budget, and 75 water pumps. The region created 170 voluntary associations of fire protection.

New equipment will go into 20 districts: Andreapolsky, Vesegonsk, Vyshnevolockij, Zharkovsky, Zapadnodvinsky, Zubtsovsky, Maksatihinsky, Kalinin, Kimrsky, Konakovsky, Krasnokholmsky, Kuvshinovsky, Forest, Olenino, Rameshkovsky, Spirovo, Torzhokskiy, Udomlya, Firovo and Rzhevskij and will go on adopt voluntary teams.
As the head of the rural settlements in the territory of which there are many forests, small villages scattered over a large distance, the additional equipment they desperately need. According to the Head of Administration Velikooktyabrskogo rural settlement area Firovsky Valentina Ivanova, now voluntary squads will be able to feel like a complete team, and for the people it will be further proof that the public is always beginning to be noticed and supported.

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