New from the FTA: heater barrel BN-1000

The company "Special systems and technologies", Europe's largest manufacturer and distributor of electrical heating systems, starts selling a new product for industrial use — electric heater for drums BN-1000. Heater BN-1000 suitable for external heating of steel drums filled with a capacity of 200 to 230 liters for the purpose of heating, maintaining the temperature within the prescribed limits and to reduce the viscosity of the contents. The use of the BN-1000 allows you to solve an actual problem of the Russian climate — freezing the contents of metal drums. A typical example of BN-1000 in the industry — the heating of fuel additives, motor oil, and various aqueous solutions to a temperature at which the possibility of their use or processing. Also, a new heater can be used in food and agriculture.


Heater BN-1000 that is based on a resistive heating cable provides fast heating and even heat distribution across the heated surface. BN-1000 is ready for operation after connection to the power grid, it is easily assembled and disassembled. Length adjusting heater wires for connection to the network — 1,5 meters. A large area of the heating surface (0.4 sq.m.) provides efficient heating while minimizing power consumption. BN-1000 — reliable and safe heater. Its shell is made of silicone rubber reinforced with high polyester fabric. The design of the BN-1000 provides a bimetallic temperature limiter that automatically shuts off the heater when the maximum temperature to prevent overheating. The degree of protection against moisture heater — IPX6, class of protection against electric shock — 1. The heater is intended for operation in the temperature range from minus 30 to plus 25 ° C. The service life of the BN-1000 is 5 years manufacturer's warranty — 1 year.

Heater BN-1000 is easy to use, it is easy to transport and store. BN-1000 Weight per pack — only 3 pounds. The suggested retail price for the heater barrels BN-1000 is 6721 rubles, which is much lower than similar products from other manufacturers.

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