New healthcare facilities are open in three regions

In Chelyabinsk, the City Hospital opened number 8 primary vascular compartment, equipped with the latest technology.

It is intended for patients with stroke, myocardial infarction and acute coronary syndrome. Such an office in the town so far the only, the second is scheduled to open in the city hospital number 1.

In suburban Kirov region opened its second branch in the region hemodialysis.

Found ten sets "artificial kidney. In the future it will be possible to establish eight more. When operating at full capacity office will serve 108 patients.   

In Chuvashia, opened the Department of Nursing. Branch works in Cheboksary Volga, in the first branch of the City Hospital. P. Osipov. This is the first in the region, the Department of Nursing self-supporting format.

Patient Care is a hospital-based therapeutic profile. The Ministry explains that the need for this separation occurred due to the increasing life expectancy of the population. In the words of the head of a branch of the hospital zavolzhskiye Valeria Ilicheva, recently appearing patients who have had severe strokes and heart attacks, which require no high-tech medical care, nursing care and simple.

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