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"Avoid those who are trying to undermine your self-confidence.
This trait is characterized by small people.
A great man, by contrast, inspires you the feeling that you can become great. "

(C) Mark Twain

It's time to stop cultivating the spirit of hopelessness and despair! …

As you know, a great many so-called "Russian media" is now heavily dependent on grants from foreign countries hostile to us. Therefore, they inspire people view his disability, we are stuffed "porn" criminal "seamy side", paintings of decline. In short — kill spiritually. Judging from the news reports and the liberal "analysts" Russia — a country of criminals, prostitutes and vagrants.
Liberasty deliberately ignore the facts of mass heroism of Russian, which can be seen in abundance.

Let's look at just the last week. 

September 13, lit a boarding school for the mentally ill "Oksochi" in the village of Luka Novgorod region. 46-year-old nurse Julia Anufrieva managed to save more than 20 patients, literally on my hands endure the fire of some of them. But the exit from a burning building 46-year-old Julia Anufrieva have not had time — its explosion killed extinguisher. She did not think about their safety, nor about the awards. She just saved the people risking their lives, even though she had four of his children.

Julia Anufrieva, a nurse who saved from a burning orphanage 23 people wanted to find relatives

Liberasty may argue that this is an isolated incident "in this wild country."

But we have a lot of mass and heroism.

For example, flooding in the Amur showed us thousands of characters simultaneously. There the night from 16.09 to 17.09 in 2013, and the excitement of the Amur tail wind gusts up to 20 m / s caused by a strong storm. Water flowed through the built in that time the dam, rescue workers, soldiers and volunteers stood waist-deep in the water, their bodies covering the city from flooding. And such a "human shield" won the "big water" that threatened to flood much of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The water in this case was a plus-seven degrees … If it were not for a few thousand characters on the front in a water hazard, could be lost or damaged hundreds of thousands of people. 15 hours non-stop military, rescue workers and volunteers held off fierce icy waves on mylkinskoy dam …

There is no doubt that there will russophobes who will say that here, they say, have been involved uneducated ordinary people who have got to "save the world" from their own stupidity and bigotry. But educated people leave, they say, the "civilized world", instead of someone there to rescue, risking themselves. Or, for U.S. grants will be engaged in "human rights work," instead of freeze yourself in the icy water of the Amur.

Flooding in the Far East: ninth grader became the hero of the dam Mylkinskoy

But after just a few days, on September 23 died heroically highly-pilot of one of the most sophisticated combat aircraft — SU-25 captain Alexei Nazarov, he crashed over the native Kuban edge. When his plane began to fall, he said, refusing to bailout led off the plane from the nearest town, it has not fallen on houses, on people. And then catapult the hero was too late …

Though he had something to lose: he himself was only 32 years old, and his daughter — seven …

The pilot Nazarov cost of his own life saved the village from falling Novominskaya Assault

However, at this time, our "most democratic in the world media," few more highlighted this feat.

And the power this time noted a strong act. "Alex made a heroic act — led off the car falling from residential buildings, but he had no time to escape. Eternal memory — wrote in his microblog governor of Krasnodar region Alexander Tkachev.

But the major western media somehow kept silent, and this time …

Russian people are different — and the heroism of one. Men and women, educated and not, military and civilian, they are ready to massively "to give his life for his friends."

There are, of course, and among us is not so little bastards. But they were not very many, otherwise the state would have collapsed long ago.

In the West, Russia draw some ground criminals. Although crime in our cities are often lower than in the major European capitals. Only the judge of that, of course, can only be of real life, not Televizornaya curved mirror. I mean, of course, and all Russia, including Ukraine and Belarus, and not only the territory of the Russian Federation.

A week ago, my assistant had forgotten in the bus almost new laptop. Upset, but nevertheless decided to try to find a driver who was driving it. And what do you think? Its pretty expensive laptop did not touch passengers, although it was unattended, not stolen and the driver. Honest driver gave an honest finder same dispatcher. The girl knew the phone number of the manager of another bus driver has the same number, which she sympathized. She called the manager, and she returned to her laptop, while refusing to take the reward money. And it all happened is not the most prosperous in the criminal plan outskirts of Kiev. Leave the laptop at some Harlem, or Westminster, and see what will happen to him …

And it's about half a year ago, I forget the laptop. In the confusion of the road I accidentally left it on a train from Moscow to Kiev. And what happened? The conductor returned it to me one day when I went to the same carriage, to be honest, there is little hope of success.

Also one of my friend a few days ago back pretty expensive toy, which he had bought his son, but he forgot near the concession stand. None of the passing crowd it is not awarded, the saleswoman gave her tent, and she returned the item master.

Although the return of lost things are not as heroic as the first two stories I have described, but they are talking about neutrachennom in Russia's sense of duty. Although it is our nation was subjected to particularly strong social programming in terms of education in him of criminal tendencies. The liberal media cultured criminal subculture, mass printed all there "Russian dictionaries mat", pulling out to the masses that it was a "possession" of the prison cells, and all kinds of "101's of kilometers." In Russia and the CIS republics was held grabbing prescribed by Western advisors. Spend such "reforms" in Switzerland or Austria, and the people there will massively criminality. But we have, in spite of everything, still remained healthy morale and sense of duty, not rare and heroism.

We must cultivate a cult hero, a positive social context for each strong action. After all, to be honest, not only the liberal media, and even patriotic newspapers and websites are often cultivated among the people the cult of hopelessness and despondency. Only tell how everything is bad. Although with other products, but they often cry that all is lost. Not all. We still have builders and warriors coming empire, so we can and must win.

Igor friends, the chairman of the "People's Council" of Ukraine

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