New hostel of the Siberian Federal University

Recently, the colonization of SFU graduate students in a new hostel number 25.

"In graduate school — a great joy! — Says deputy head of the postgraduate and doctoral qualification of the teaching staff Olga Grigorieva. — As many as nine floors (11 to 19) in the new comfortable apartment type hostel number 25 was given to the population of graduate students. Almost all of our guys, who lived before in different dormitories at different venues, there were new housing: One-room apartment occupied couples, especially with children, and the rest settled in the two-and single rooms. We hope the new conditions, when there were graduate students now perhaps their own "rooms", their work on the thesis will go much faster and more efficiently. In any case, they solemnly promised us this! .. I must say that, and graduate students who will go on SFU in the future, too, can claim a place in a hostel number 25. Nice bonus, is not it? '.


This bonus and home comforts are appreciated by those who arranged and is now taking friends to a housewarming party. In postgraduate flats are very cozy and welcoming: the tenants they serve tea with cookies and are happy to share emotions.

Hope SUHODOEVA, Polytechnic Institute: "Our latest new hostel and does not compare! The large, high-grade apartment, made at a sufficiently high level. We live in a family, and we have a spacious walk-in closet, gorgeous balcony, spacious kitchen and bathroom, which are now with no one to share. There's even a fridge, stove and washing machine! It looks very cozy. All conditions to quietly write a thesis. "

Yuri KNYAZEV, Department of Physics: "Feelings are of course other from this hostel. It's great that there are household appliances and furniture that the initial problems of everyday life of graduate students distanced themselves, and we can think about studying. When I was settled last year in the old hostel — too flat type — in my room there was only a chair. We had to buy a lot, including a refrigerator. Now he has moved with me. It is true there is not the usual hostel atmosphere, quiet. This is amazing … "

Andrew GRUZDEV, Institute of Humanities: "Settling into a new hostel has a joyful surprise! Prior to that, my wife and I lived in one of the hostels second platform. Small room in the dormitory corridor type, the tightness, the constant noise and hubbub in the hall were not given properly focus and tune in to the job … In such a contrast, life and work in the new dorm, which can be proudly on all the grounds to call the apartment, seem easy and enjoyable. Very pleased with the layout and arrangement of rooms, balconies. The space provided to us university, has to complete the work, scientific and creative growth. Many thanks to those employees of the University who have realized this project to life. Thank them very much! "

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25-storey house has four modern fast elevators. In addition, next to the hostel there is a full-size football field. Within the walls there are outlets for television and Internet cables (going to connect in the near future). Here the photographs original form — yet issued a set of bathroom with mirror and all sorts of hangers and shelves, just a big mirror. In general, the hostel will populate graduate students, undergraduates and international students. The upper floors will be used as a hotel for visiting professors (except for household appliances, like everyone, they will still, at least, the TV).

In two of these same buildings are currently being trim.

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