New innovative companies in Vladimir

Vladimir Oblast Administration introduced two innovative media production, significantly increasing the scale of its activities. Both are right in the city of Vladimir in the Good.

The share of innovative enterprises in the Vladimir region increases markedly. In absolute terms, these figures: in 2012, 18 plants were commissioned in 2013, is scheduled to earn another 21 companies. The volume of production of nano-products in two years has grown from 2.8 billion to 10.8 billion rubles.

The regional administration has chosen to showcase two innovative media production: "PECC-Vladimir" and"RM Nanotech".



  • The elements of thermal insulation for piping and equipment
  • The elements of thermal insulation for piping and equipment

"PECC-Vladimir" manufactures patented high-quality thermal insulation material — foam glass mark "Neoporm."

The company was founded in 2001 and has a development base in the "Pit". Two years ago the owners bought the land, which is under the sprawling plant and ceramic products for a year now erecting housing of the future plant. Now here is based first and foremost, designed for 110 million cubic meters / year of finished products, which implies investment of about 5 billion rubles. Tentatively it will be put into operation before the first of July 2014. Total line will be three.

CEO of the company Mikhail Dudko Assess the needs of the market in its submission to 2-3.5 million cubic meters per year on special needs — equipment for the oil and gas industry workers, energy and utilities. Their demand for the product already confirmed head of the company "Lukoil", "Gazprom", "Rosneft" and "Rosatom" and the amount of potential orders is estimated at 600,000 cubic meters, which is 6 times higher than the design capacity of the first factory line.

In manufacturing recycled — i.e. cullet various kinds, which term can be replaced by ordinary sand. The factory line begins with a sort of broken glass and bathing. All equipment is the future of the plant — imported.

"Chip" foam glass in that it includes the organic additives are completely absent. Foamed glass specially inscrutable, safe from fire and environmental point of view, dimensionally stable and has a margin of safety for 100 years of service that have been examined by leading research institutes.

In serious competitors in the Vladimir manufacturers' glass bricks "are registered only Germans. Belarusians produce similar products is clearly inferior. But unlike the general director of the plant demonstrates his material, even from a valuable and expensive German counterpart.

The main characteristic of the new material for the domestic market is its energy efficiency. It is estimated that buildings constructed of such material (which may be the primary building material in the construction of low-rise and high-rise filled in) — 25-30 times more effectively retain heat and energy consumption, for example, in a residential area is reduced from 730 kW / h 25-30 kW / h per square meter per year.

The company has an agreement with the administration Vladimir region the inclusion of foam glass in buildings housing scheme. Its value does not go beyond the provisions in this case, 35,000 rubles per square meter. Now, "PECC-Vladimir" already has a project on building site three-storey houses, two pilot projects are being finalized, "Vladgrazhdanproektom."

Vladimir Oblast Administration released under construction company from the property tax, as well as reduced income tax rate to 13.5% for the period up to 2018.

Mikhail Dudko hopes that in the future there will be similar businesses in different regions of Russia — for the transport of "glass brick" significantly increases the cost of material, consisting largely of ordinary air.

RM Nanotech

Next door to the "PECC-Vladimir" takes yet another successful nano-manufacturing. "RM Nanotech" manufactures filters and membranes for different industries and food production. Plant startanet in May. Now, in the new built premises are commissioning.

The production is based on the intellectual basis of the scientific and technical center "Vladipor" for more than forty years of producing filter media at the site of a chemical factory in Vladimir. Now part of the production is scaled to the new site. The project is financed by RUSNANO half with private investors.

Between the owners and the administration of Vladimir Region signed an investment agreement under which an innovative company is also exempt from tax on the newly created property and has a reduced income tax rate on the payback period of the project (according to preliminary estimates, it will take 3-4 years).

The company is engaged in manufacturing of filter elements, starting with the "chemistry" — that is, the creation of forming solutions (the first stage of the membrane preparation of the polymer solution, which is formed on the porous structure just involves working with the material at the nanoscale) — before forming, ie the manufacture of ready-made filters for the needs of different industries.

The company has a favorable contrast to Western competitors, products which still occupies a significant share of the filters, the domestic consumption market. "RM Nanotech" has a special drying unit, that is, their filtration materials can be transported in the harsh Russian winter without the use of a specially heated container (halloo to one another that a significant headache and severe dopraskhodami for consumers) without loss of quality.

The initiator and the applicant of the new production company "Vladipor" not withdraw from the market, and will continue to exist. She passed "RM Nanotech" is only about a quarter of manufactured products, leaving a tubular elements for waste water treatment, gas separation membranes, microfiltration membranes, etc. The leaders say they are ready for a new application in RUSNANO to scale and the remaining production.

An important detail — both under construction in the city of the plant have all the necessary certificates showing that their emissions do not exceed the environmental standards laid.

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