New kindergarten opens in Yekaterinburg

In Yekaterinburg opened a new kindergarten number 133. The three-storey building of the kindergarten was built in 8 months. Over an area of 4 million square meters of Resettled 12 groups. Total kindergarten for 200 children.  

On the ground floor there is a modern food processing unit with hot and cold shops, shop preprocessing vegetables, vegetable and myasorybnym workshops, as well as a medical unit and a laundry room. Gymnasium equipped on the second floor. Children will be able to play music in a specially equipped room on the third floor.
The new kindergarten at the beginning of next week, the group will open part of the day. And in full force preschool will work in early 2013.
Until the end of 2012 in Yekaterinburg opened another kindergarten — in Chkalov area outside Roshchinskaya that can take 270 children and Refurbished come on line three preschools — one on Chemical Engineering and two on VTORCHERMET.

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