New kindergartens built in St. Petersburg

In Shushary Pushkin District of St. Petersburg opened a new kindergarten number 41.The new preschool will visit 190 children. Kindergarten meets all modern requirements. The building is equipped with comfortable classrooms and recreation, there is a swimming pool with wellness area. From the city budget has been allocated for the construction of 218 million rubles.

This is the third kindergarten in one of the newest areas of St. Petersburg. Work on the pre-school will continue. Prior to July 2014 in the new quarters of Pushkin area will appear 4 kindergartens. And only in 2016 in St. Petersburg will build 15 new kindergartens. Additional seats in preschool will be created and due to return previously transferred for other purposes kindergarten buildings city. Just this year in St. Petersburg will create 9,000 new jobs in kindergartens. 

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