New medical and obstetric stations built in the Volgograd region

The modern medical facility in the village of Meadow Proleyka Autograph district was built in just 8 months.

New medical and obstetric point — is a separate building, equipped with everything necessary within the framework of the regional target program "Social development of the village," in which individual doctors' offices will now be able to take up to 30 patients a day.

A few days earlier the same FAP opened in the St. Nicholas area, and just before the end of this year, the region will have the same five points. 

The facility was built and equipped with everything necessary within the regional program — for those of the regional government has allocated 6,000,000 rubles. Their funds have also added the municipality and the Federation — in general, the new medical and health post in the cost of almost 13 million rubles. The building is connected to the sources of centralized electricity-water-gas supply and has its own sewage system.

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