New models of crawler-road vehicles on GAZ Group

The "GAS" introduced new models articulated tracked off-road vehicles GAZ-3344 and GAZ-3351, developed Zavolzhsky crawler tractors. The machines are designed for oil and gas companies, geology, geophysics, energy, for subdivisions MOE, tourist organizations, hunters and anglers. Serial production of the new off-road vehicles will begin in 2012

All terrain vehicle GAZ-3344 — is articulated tracked vehicle. On the first link is cabin for five people, the second link can be made in different ways depending on the destination — passenger housing for 15 people, the rig, the medical unit and the technical assistance, etc.

Forward link GAZ-3351 model has a hardy case. On the second line machines can be installed on the passenger housing 11 people, fire or medical module, welding station, etc.

New models of off-road vehicles has high maneuverability. This technique can work in the most severe road and weather conditions. All terrain vehicles are designed for operation at a temperature of from -50 to + 40 ° C.

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