New paint systems have started to work on Metrowagonmash (Moscow region).

At JSC "Metrovagonmash" (MBM is part of ZAO "Transmashholding") commissioned the latest paint systems. Colouring cars in the new complexes can improve durability of the coating, to increase its viability.

With the introduction of the new complex is possible to use a wide range of colors, reduced drying time painted surfaces.

The first set — for body painting subway cars of all models and rail buses is set to automatic control system for surface preparation for painting, coating liquid paints, drying of coatings products. The complex consists of two lines, which allows coloring of two cars simultaneously.

The second — is designed for painting fine details of all the series of subway cars and rail buses. Coloring is organized so that the movement of painted products is minimized. Attaching to the conveyor and removal from the conveyor by hand in the same area. The rest of the parts are moving uniformly along the conveyor and painted in the automatic mode.

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