New parachutes entered service in the amphibious assault connection SOUTH

Guards Airborne Assault compound of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), deployed in the Volgograd region, have started to develop new parachute D-10 entered service connections in the current year.
Parachute D-10 replaced the standing armed with the D-6 is a simple and safe in landing and in operation. The volume of the dome of the new parachute is 100 square meters. m instead of 83 m. m at its predecessor, its rounded shape provides a smooth landing.

D-10 is intended for combat and training jumps on a flight speed of 140 to 400 km / h with the stabilization for 3 seconds in the altitude range of 200 to 8000 m is also the life of the parachute and the number of applications from 80 to 120, in Depending on the hopping. Mass of the new parachute on a few pounds less than that of its predecessor, making it easy to turn around in the wind, perform horizontal sliding, with it you can make jumps into water and quickly put out the dome in high winds.
With personnel conducted training on the new device and procedure of the parachute packing, training in the Airborne complex, after which the soldiers began to commit landing on platforms training center "Lebyazhe" in the Volgograd region.

Dropping military aircraft carried out military-transport aircraft IL-76, as well as of the most recent Army Aviation helicopters Mi-8 AMTSH "Terminator" with a height of 800 meters

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