New production in the industrial park Tutaev (Yaroslavl region)

In Tutaev, in the engine plant will be set up engineering center for mechanical engineering. In order to receive federal funds for this project, already this year from the regional budget to allocate 166 million rubles. The total cost of the project — 2.2 billion rubles.

Half of the funds for the construction of an industrial park will come from the federal budget. It is 1.6 billion rubles allocated in grants to support the Ministry of Economic Development of Small and Medium Enterprises.


Already this year, will be transferred 525.3 million rubles in the future — 836 million, however, requires and Yaroslavl treasury.

The first phase of Technopark will be introduced later this year. All in all areas of the new facility is planned to accommodate 10-12 residents with an investment of 1.5 billion rubles. By 2016, their production will be 1,100 jobs.

— Interest in Tutaeva investors have, — Sergey Vahrukov. — In view of the fact that he, along with Yaroslavl and Rybinsk, will join us in the created agglomeration of industrial cities, its role becomes crucial. I would like the companies that work with us, participated in programs of training, the region is ready to consider the conditions of co-financing.…a-budet-sozdan-tehnopark/
September 14, in the building of the Regional Government signed the Agreement on cooperation between the Yaroslavl region and the German company "Saargumi Group". As part of this agreement is planned to create a production of rubber sealing systems for cars and trucks. Platform for the implementation of the investment project worth about 630 million rubles selected industrial park "Tuta".

Prior to 2017, "Saargumi Group" is planning to create about 500 jobs and exit at maximum production capacity.

— Automotive market in Russia is now actively developing and becoming competitive — said after signing the agreement Yaroslavl Governor Sergei Vahrukov. — We are interested in a fruitful collaboration with the German side and try to create all the necessary conditions for the successful implementation of the project.

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